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Jul 17, 2011 04:34 PM

Breakfast stop along I-95 in MD or VA

We are driving from NJ to VA and are looking for someplace to stop for a good breakfast. We are open as to budget...

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  1. Just past Baltimore when heading South, at MD 175 is Frank's Diner, which is a straight up diner. Also at that exit, in the Shell station, is R&R Deli, which is a Tacqueria, but they have breakfast items, including a good huevos con chorizo. I *think that they opened up an additional space above the tacqueria, but I haven't gone up there yet. R&R gets a good amount of mention on this board. Both of these are East of 95 at the first light.

    If you aren't pressed for time, though, I'd toss out the idea of heading to Fells Point in Baltimore and stopping in at Jimmy's. Classic Fells Point place - get a beer with breakfast!

    Frank's Diner
    7395 Cedar Ave, Jessup, MD 20794

    1. You from Jersey? I'm from Jersey! Exit 12!

      Assuming you are starting at Exit 8 you'll be hungry before hitting B'more. I always stop to top off my tank (at NJ fuel prices) at exit 2 (Rt 140). There's a Denny's at the Flying J Travel Plaza.

      On the other side of the river - not far away - is Italian Kitchen in Pennsville, which is open early for breakfast but gets its high marks for their cheesesteak subs.

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        I am leaning toward the Taqueria. I will report back, but the reviews on this place look great!

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          And it's somewhat of a trip to eat inside a gas station (seems to be a trend in the DC area...)

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            If you're heading south and want to go to R&R, get off on Rt. 100 east, get onto Rt. 1 south and turn right into R&R at the Shell station right before the intersection with 175. This is a lot less awkward and hair-raising than turning left from 175 and left into the station with traffic flying at you.

            Enjoy, the guy who runs the place is very nice and everything I've had there is good.