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Martha's Vineyard with well-behaved baby

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Hi- we're headed to the Vineyard for a week with our 8-month old. We live in Manhattan and take her to a pretty broad range of restaurants as she's very well-behaved. Would love some hound's recommendations for better restaurants who would welcome us, beyond the typical "family' establishments. Feeling envious reading menus for Detente, Outermost and State Road but get the feeling these are not child-friendly establishments!

State Road Restaurant
688 State Rd, Vineyard Haven, MA 02568

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  1. We were in the Vineyard last month. State Road was very relaxed and friendly. I had read here that it was very pretentious and we couldn't have been more happily surprised at how laid back it was. They are also open for breakfast and lunch so you could always do a trial run just to gauge it, but I can't see it being a problem. Sidecar in Oak Bluffs would also be fine...there were many kids when we were there. Quite frankly, we were not impressed with the food at Detente or Sweet Life...seemed like they both tried too hard and missed big time. We are much happier in the more casual places like State Road and Sidecar. State Road by far had the best food on the island.

    State Road Restaurant
    688 State Rd, Vineyard Haven, MA 02568

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      I was on MV recently and loved E'Town so much. I defer to others who know the island better. Nothing we did for dinner was oh my gosh (I was with a large group on a budget) but saw some great menus. I wanted to speak to taking a baby out. My now 19 year old chowhound is one because I took her out week one and she never stopped. She dined with Columbus's descendants in Bermuda..she has fine dined..and NEVER made a fuss. She learned to adapt..we dined early always and I brought her bouncy chair so she could sleep as needed. I love seeing kids out who are well behaved and enjoying food.....have a blast..can you go to Back Door Donuts for me and Artcliff Diner..I never got to those two..