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Jul 17, 2011 02:45 PM

Great food, a little space, atmosphere, etc. in Paris for under 125 E pp

A friend of mine will be in Paris in September and would like something a bit special to celebrate his birthday with his wife. They'd like something a little less "special" than le cinq -- and others of that rank -- but would like something a little more relaxing and spacious than la regalade or l'ami jean. My experience has been that this is kind of a hard niche to find in Paris. Any suggestions?

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  1. Take a look at Dominique Bouchet or L'Arome both in the 8th and both very special.

    1. You might want to look at Le Petrelle. Near Gare du Nord in the 9th and quite small. They have excellent food, small portions, and HUGE tables. Very quiet and romantic, yet homey and different from anything else l have found in Paris. Also a very unique wine list with strange things, as he buys from auctions.

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        Oh, you're killing me. I just looked at the websites of the recommendations from both of you and I want to hop on the next plane. I think I'll be there in November and I'm going to remember these places. Thanks.

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          Saturne not only has good food but also has a nice airy room. See the latest take on it by our Mangeur:

          Atmosphere: airy urban hip.

          For a bistro atmosphere with good food but more room than chez L'Ami Jean: Chez Casimir, which I just fell back in love with.

      2. ditto on Saturne. It was the real standout on our recent trip to Paris. We also had wonderful meals at L'Astrance and Passage 53, but those were the 2 big splurges. For some of your everyday (i.e. 40 euro prix fixe) dinners, apart from the names seen frequently here, I'd recommend La Gazetta and Akrame (new and still working out the kinks of service but a real up and comer).

        1. Guy Savoy's one star Chiberta--great!

          1. Maceo in the 1er is "that kind" of place. and the prices are very reasonable for a 3-course menu (or a la carte, if you prefer). the room itself is historic. Was once the old La Mercure.