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Jul 17, 2011 02:43 PM

Staub Lo Cocotte Lid Wobble

I had an aunt who recently gifted me her unused Staub La Cocette. I'm thrilled to receive it, but the lid has a LOT of wobble and lateral play.

I've gone through the boards and opinions seem to be mixed: some people suggest it's normal and recommend making a gasket to get a tight seal while others say if it's not tight to begin with, send it back.

Here's a video of the wobble. Is this normal??

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  1. Just about all lids wobble and there is some sideways play in most, if not all pieces too. The lids aren't meant to fit airtight. Look at the bottom rim of the lid and you will see "speed bump" things that keep the lid from closing air tight. Put some water in the pot, and place the lid on where you feel it should be and bring it to a boil. Then see how much steam escapes. I little is normal. Then you can decide. Where would you send it back, if it was a gift?

    Do you have a Williams Sonoma or Sur La Table near you? If so, you can check out other similar pots to yours to see if your lid fit is the norm.

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      All right! I tried your experiment ( with boiling water. tl:dw? It seems that no steam escapes the pot, despite the wobble. (Also, WOW does this thing heat up quickly!)

      I actually went to SLT last night and the lids there seem to fight tighter...but those pieces weren't part of the Coq au Vin series. Ideally, I'd love to send this back to Staub (I sent their customer service a copy of the video and asked if it were covered under warranty) and get a properly fitting set back. If they say no, at least I'll know that this seems to be functionally fine...though, to say the least, I'll be disappointed.

      1. re: blondelle

        LC recently added those little bumps too, but they aren't as big as Staubs. Just for the heck of it, a while back, I tried just about all the pots that Bloomies had on display and they ALL wobbled. I couldn't find even one that didn't. They all gaped on one end when you pressed down on the other.

        If no steam is escaping that means that it's fine for braising as it will hold the liquid in. If it's going to bother you though, then make a fuss and get it replaced.

      2. I viewed the video. The side-to-side play is not a big deal, but the vertical wobble is no good at all. Something is not true there, and the seal seems as if it would be problematic for many braising preparations. I'd look to get it replaced, if possible.

        Of course, the main pot itself would still work fine for lots of things, and you could use foil and other tricks to make braises work. But, still, that pot and lid are not working together the way they ought to.

        1. It looks like that pot has managed to escape the attention of the quality controllers at Staub factory. Do you know where your aunt bought the pot and how long ago? If it is a recent thing (check if your aunt has the receipt) then you could get back to the shop and explain the issue. Otherwise, the pot does come with a lifetime warranty so it may be worth ringing Staub to complain about the issue.

          1. Although either could be warped, I'd guess the lid is the issue. I bought three coq au vin pots for Christmas presents last year and they all fit better than that. I've got four Staub Cocottes and a braiser and the lids all fit better than that as well. However, it does look like it's not so bad as to make it non functional, as blondelle mentioned, it's designed with bumps on the rim of the lid, so it's not meant to seal. I would think Staub would take care of it, if not, it looks usable. They are fantastic to cook in.

            1. All of my LC and Staub have that "wobble". Some steam is suppose to escape. The lids are not suppose to be airtight otherwise you'll end up w/ a pressure cooker without a regulator or safety valve.