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Large Baked Potatoes

What is your favorite ingredients to a large baked potato entree.

I like tuna, mushrooms and swiss

a friend of mine likes salsa with extra jalapenos and sour cream.

Just asking as I have some potatoes I don't know what to do with.

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    1. Chili or Ketchup.

      Or both.

      1. Chili w/o beans, cheese, sour cream or the traditional butter, bacon, cheese and sour cream. Or better yet-for a decadent treat make homemade potato skins.

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          sherriberry - please share your homemade potato skins

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            Glad to. Just bake your potatoes as usual-the microwave is fine for this. While they're cooking, fry up some bacon and reserve drippings. When potatoes are done, cut into 4 pieces lengthwise. scoop out most of the insides(reserve for hash browns,etc). Fry the quarters a few minutes on each side(in the drippings or canola oil or a combo of both) until crisp, drain, then put in baking dish. salt and pepper to taste, then add a combo of grated cheddar, monterrey jack and colby cheeses, top w/ bacon and bake @ 350 until cheese is melted. I serve w/ a mixture of 1/2 sour cream and 1/2 ranch dressing. So much better than most restos because you can control the level of crispiness(I like the inside crispier than you usually are served) as well as the quantities of cheese and bacon.

        2. Chili and cheese. There used to be a place where I worked that put egg, bacon, sour cream, scallions, and cheese sauce into a large deep-fried potato skin. This was back when restaurants didn't need to reveal nutritional information!

          1. A little cheese and broccoli, thanks! LOVE that combination!

            1. Crumbled bacon, sour cream, fresh snipped chives and Louisiana sauce.

              Cottage cheese and smoked paprika. Don't laugh 'til you've tried it.

              Browned butter and Maggi sauce.

              Palak paneer.

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                I did a class with music and Indian food, had baked potatoes with a spinach paneer topping, a cottage cheese topping (with smoked paprika, cumin, some other spices), and a tamarind sauce.
                The spicy cottage cheese was really good, not laughing here!! :)

              2. sliced mushrooms sauteed w/some shallots or onions, a little garlic, add a little white wine, chicken stock, reduce a bit, lower the heat, stir in 2-3 T of sour cream and some chopped parsley. Pour over your split baked potatoe. Yum!

                1. i haven't had twice-baked (stuffed ) potatoes in a long time, but they are delicious.

                  cheddar, gouda, fontina, cream cheese, chives, shallots, garlic, sour cream……. crispy bacon bits…..

                  and cardiologist on speed dial.


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                    heh, Target sells their own brand of Archer Farms potato chips called "loaded baked potato" flavor...pretty good taste, no artificial flavors....but the real deal like you posted is best! (those chips come in small one ounce bags, heh)

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                      one ounce bag? why bother? that's just getting a tempting taste! i'd rather not eat it than get a craving -- you know the slogan, "you can't eat just one."

                      i wonder if one did the twice baked but in wedges, so there is not "so much" there to eat. i think that the cheese would run all over the baking sheet because there is no "container."

                      ok, let's gild the lily: dip the "stuffed" wedges (after freezing) into a batter and panko, then deep fry.

                      ok, feeling guilty, let's go ascetic: plain wedges sprayed lightly with EVOO, nuked till crispy, then dipped as needed into a low-fat sour cream-chive-yogurt- garlicky sauce with chives and parsley. ok, have i redeemed myself? ;-).