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Jul 17, 2011 12:02 PM

Honeycomb - What do you do with it?

I saw this at Whole Foods yesterday.

Do you eat the honeycomb? Is it just there for decoration?

Someone explain it to me, please.

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    Hardly a decoration; edible delicious and price per lb worthy of your attention :
    )I enjoyed a slice of honeycomb with fresh fruit, and Greek yogurt this morning.
    I love to spread it on fresh warm bread let it get all melty.
    It's not a decoration.

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    1. re: HillJ

      +1 on eating it with warm bread, especially bread that has been generously slathered with butter. Yummmmmmm.

      My grandfather kept bees when I was growing up. We kids fought for the biggest hunks of hive. It was delicious!

    2. It was served to me once with a very sharp cheese (can't quite recall what particular cheese). It was a delightful combo!

      1. I have had honey and pecorino (old,sharp pecorino) served in Puglia in Italy. Very good indeed!

        1. I just chew honeycomb. Sadly, pesticides in our environment show up in beeswax to a great degree, and since it's impossible to know or control where bees forage, I have since given up swallowing the wax in any large amount.

          1. You can chew it. Sometime I swallow it. Sometime I don't.