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Jul 17, 2011 10:32 AM

Thai Newbie Help in Phillt Burbs

Thai newbie looking for what you would consider the gold standard in Thia cuisine in the philly burbs. Lets say 10 mile radius of Collegevile.

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  1. Thai Orchid in bluebell. Not sure about the ten miles but you can't go wrong there. I'm fond of Thai Spice in Doylestown also, but it's a little hard to separate the food from the setting. Doylestown is a bodaciously charming town and if you get lucky you can sit in the big window and watch the passersby at Thai Spice. Be sure to order tea just so you can play with the elephant shaped tea pot and also do park in the little parking area behind Cyborg One and the County Theater. Why? Because there is a good chance you will encounter the frequently walked mascot of Doylestown, a most fierce and proud minature pomeranian named Todd. He is only three or four months old but if you get within twenty feet of him you will fall under his spell. If you are lucky enough to see Todd, give him a pat for me too.

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      I second Thai Orchid (and I'm a tough critic) in Blue Bell.

      Also, try White Elephant in Huntington Valley. They're excellent and award winning (I think they won Fox Philly best local something last year).

      Avoid Pho Thai Nam in Blue Bell. Their pad thai tastes like chemicals.

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        I always thought of Pho Thai Nam as a Vietnamese restaurant that also served Thai food to keep the lights on .......

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          Just passed the spot last weekend... Pho Thai Nam is closed or it got a new name or something!

          1. re: potroastcat

            Pho Thai Nam moved to a new location. On Germantown Pike in the Swede Square Shopping Center.

    2. Thai Orchid is okay, but we prefer the curries (particularly the green one) at Pho Thai Nam (in the shopping center behind the Friendly's on Germantown Pike). That being said, Pho Thai Nam is a bit cheap on the amount of chicken in their dishes. The prices are good, but I would gladly pay a couple of dollars more for a bit more meat.

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        I agree on Pho Thai Nam. They've got a lot of great options at really good pricing. Nothing beats their Pho in the winter, but I've sampled across the menu and have been satisfied with all of them.

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          Close to Collegeville, I would say Thai L'Elephant in Phoenixville is doing the best job. Chiang Mai in Conshohocken is good. To be frank, Philadelphia, city or suburbs is not a very good town for Thai food.. we have good Vietnamese, some good chinese.. but relative to Washington DC or Boston, the Thai here is under spiced and pretty basic.

      2. Thanks for the rec's. We hit Thai L'elephant in Phoenixville last night and enjoyed it very much. I was slightly disappoited with the fact that we ordered the spiciest dishes on the menu and they came with only the slightest amount of heat. Live and learn, next time I will make sure to ask for it extra spicy. Other then that, that food was well flavored and nicely prepared.

        Next stop Pho Thai Nam !