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Jul 17, 2011 10:28 AM

French Bistro in Monmouth County?

Is anybody aware of a french bistro restaurant restaurant in monmouth. The word bistro is so misused today, it's impossible to tell french from whatever.

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  1. The most "French" of any place worth eating at in Monmouth county is Le Fandy. I just had lunch there again last week and it is as good as ever. Besides, where else can you get Oeufs a la Neige for dessert? I love the halibut there.

    Le Fandy Restaurant
    609 River Rd, Fair Haven, NJ 07704

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    1. re: seal

      Thanks for the input. I checked the menu online. It's probably very good but the menu is not french except for a few appetizers.

    2. I've not eaten here, but take a look at Bienvenue in Red Bank.

      1. It is not in Monmouth county but really close. It is called Sophies' Bistro in Hamilton near Somerset.

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        1. re: Spaetzle75

          you're right Spaetzle. That's as close as you'll get to true French bistro food from Monmouth County - crummy neighborhood, great food.

        2. Avenue is long branch is essentially french bistro fare served in a trying to hard, "hip" environment.