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Jul 17, 2011 09:46 AM

where to buy heavy cream on vancouver island bc

Does anybody know where I can buy heavy cream ion vacouver island (not whipping cream)

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  1. In this supply-managed country where big agro-biz own all the quota and rip off us poor dairy consumers, I don't think its possible, unless you can join a cow-share or something. You can't buy high-fat (dry) butter here either. Your best bet is probably to go over the border to the land of dairy freedom.

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    1. re: jcolvin

      I hate the milk cartel. Milk, butter, cheese is half the price in Washington state compared to BC.

      Whenever I see modified milk ingredients on a label, back on the shelf it goes. I don't buy grocery store "ice cream" anymore for that reason. Modified milk ingredients have been creeping in to sour cream and cheeses as well. Thankfully I haven't seen the worst of them all at grocery stores where I live, chocolate dairy beverage. Feel so bad for people in Ontario that got tricked by that.

      1. re: KateW1

        Not just half the price, higher quality too. Real thick cream rather than the watered-down stuff we have here. You can buy Stoneyfield yogurt "cream on top" which is a marvellous organic yogurt with a layer of thick yellow cream on top of it. Surprise surprise, Stoneyfield Canada (part of the Danone megalith) don't make it.

        Whipping cream just doesn't cut it. Double cream should be at least 40% plus fat content.

    2. Closest thing I know of is going to be Avalon/Valley Pride's Whipping Cream. 36% MF puts it at the mid point between what I think of as light and heavy cream, so it should do fine in whatever recipe you use it. I don't know where on the Island you are, but AVA/VP is usually easy to find in a lot of grocery stores and even more so in any store that focuses on natural and/or local food.