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Jul 17, 2011 09:30 AM

Geneva by the Lake - any thoughts?

Mr. Millygirl and I are thinking of spending a few days here. I've not read anything one way or another about this spot. Their website looks wonderful and I am wondering if anyone has been and can shed some light on the food and restaurants.

And if not GOTL, where would you recommend??

Thank you

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  1. I spend quite a bit of time in the Finger Lakes, and due to word of mouth and reviews, I have never been tempted to eat or stay at Geneva on the Lake. A very nice location but very mixed reviews overall; maybe they have improved?

    If you are a foodie, Geneva isn't your best choice in the Finger Lakes. You can get a nice meal at Red Dove, a gastropub style place on Castle St. and I have heard good things about Ports and Halsey's. Personally, I like to find a nice B&B in a smaller town - Trumansburg has several nice ones (and a very good restaurant - Hazelnut Kitchen). This would put you close to the wineries on the west side of Cauga and the east side of Seneca. The strip of Rt. 414 between Ovid and Watkins Glen (avoid for food) has several good dining options (Dano's, Suzanne's, Red Newt, Stone Cat...). Have fun and give us a report on whatever you decide.

    Hazelnut Kitchen
    53 E Main St, Trumansburg, NY 14886

    Stone Cat Cafe
    5315 Rt 414, Hector, NY 14841

    1. I sell lakefront property and receive lots of feedback about restaurants from my out of town clients.
      Torrey Park Grill - great Italian food - the locals all go there. Ports Grill always gets rave reviews. The Ramada on the Lake has great lunches and dinners. You can eat outside at the lakeside. The Belhurst castle ( next to the Geneva on the Lake ) has wonderful Sunday brunches. Which direction are you coming from. I sell real estate on 6 lakes, so very familiar with many restaurants,

      Torrey Park Grill
      89 Avenue E, Geneva, NY 14456

      4069 W Lake Rd, Geneva, NY 14456

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      1. re: lakefrontmary

        Toronto, Ont. While we are foodies, we were thinking of GOTL for accommodations but thanks for the tips on restaurants.

        Not sure when, but some time in the fall. Now another couple want to join us and they are suggesting the Skinapenolous area. I know this is spelled wrong but too tired to look it up.
        Hopefully you will know where I am referring too. LOL

        1. re: millygirl

          Skaneateles (pronounced Skinny atlas) to the east of Geneva is what I think you are referring to. It's a nice enough place. I imagine a search will give you plenty of info.

          Regarding Geneva friends of mine have been to Belhurst twice this year and enjoyed their stay.

          4069 W Lake Rd, Geneva, NY 14456

          1. re: Old Red

            Wow...that place still exists? I went there when I went to college at Hobart...its the place that parents would take their kids to after graduation. College students couldn't afford it...but then again, we lived on $15/week for food...a 3# box of frozen squid cost us a $1.59, and fed us for a few meals..practically lived on that. My best memories of Belhurst was going fishing on their dock...caught some great fish there...a 3# bass, 7# pike and an 18# carp (ecch...).

            4069 W Lake Rd, Geneva, NY 14456

            1. re: EricMM

              Same here Eric...Hobart grad too. Food was so expensive there and from what I can recall from almost 20 years ago not that great either. That $15 a week was spent on wings from Cousin's and NY Pizza (???) I seem to think.

              Horrible food up there in Geneva back then, we would drive to Rochester for decent eats.

              1. re: BAFU

                The food was so bad!!!! I didn't really learn to appreciate NYC pizza until I got the inedible pizza's out in Geneva. The worst NYC pizza was miles beyond the best in Geneva. Yech. I can say the best food out there was Macdonalds and Burger King without shame, because its the truth.

            2. re: Old Red

              Yes Old Red, this is the plan as it now stands.....renting a cottage on the lake. Looking forward to it next month. I will try and check some of these places out. Thanks everyone.

        2. I have never been to Geneva on the Lake, but I've always heard it was living off its prior reputation. If you are willing to travel a little further east, I can recommend a very nice inn on the east side of Cayuga Lake. It's called the E.B. Morgan House in Aurora. We just stayed there last week and it's really quite wonderful. It's owned by the same people who own the Aurora Inn just down the block. The rooms were very nice and the back veranda overlooks the lake. You can eat dinner at the Aurora Inn (on an outdoor deck overlooking the lake) or travel down a few miles to the Pumpkin Hill Bistro. A few miles to the north is Mackenzie Childs ( a kind of whimsical home furnishings place - not my kind of place, but there are those who love it), and further to the north in Seneca Falls is the National Women's Hall of Fame and Women's Rights National Historical Park. The bicycling is also great.

          Aurora Inn
          Main, Aurora, NY 13026

          Pumpkin Hill
          2051 Route 90, Aurora, NY 13026