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Jul 17, 2011 08:18 AM

Help! Are there local u-pick berry farms that are open now?

Trying urgently to locate u-pick berry farms (not particular about specific berry types) that are open in July. Looks like a bunch of the Brentwood farms (including Pease Farm) are closed. We're able to travel from the East Bay all the way down to the South Bay. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

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    1. re: wolfe

      Thanks so much, wolfe! We are off to pick olallieberries and strawberries.

      1. re: kermit

        So how was it? Did they weigh you before and after you went out in the fields?

        1. re: wolfe

          hi, has anyone been to swanton farms recently? i'm hoping to make it down there early july and was curious whether the strawberry pickings will still be good then. tia.

          1. re: huckleberry

            Early July it should still be good. Last year, the last day for Swanton's strawbs picking was 7/24. There was little of anything else to pick either.

            1. re: huckleberry

              Was there today; strawberries were plentiful but I don't feel like the quality was up to their usual (ie 2010) standards--berries weren't very flavorful and their texture was "off". Coastways Ranch may be different.

      2. In Castro Valley off of Ewing Road, before Highpine, a man and his Ollalieberries, as he says. This is a private home with an ugly, army green fence. I don't think he has a "name" for his business and I don't know the address. But, if you Google Ewing and Highpine you should be a-o'k.

        My neighbor picks the berries from the vines he has growing in his front and back lots the day he sells them. He is open from 8 -10 a.m. and 4 -6 p.m.. I am not sure if that is only weekends, as I tend to buy only then. He sells out a lot, so the locals come by early. Bring your own containers and you might get a discount. Absolutely delicious. They are the size of one-half my thumb, over an inch. His father used to sell to Knottsberry Farms. His fingers are purple with the juices and he's mighty generous with sample and recipes. Warning: he says he doesn't sell the super ripe ones because they are messy and don't last for the customers. Well, I say bring the juicy mess on. I have no idea if he'd let you pick his treasures, but you can ask; he's gentle and personable. Cece