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Jul 17, 2011 07:15 AM

Specialty Cake-- like a kosher Charm City Cakes

Any suggestions? I am looking for a specialty cake for a birthday in a Curious George shape....

Any ideas? I have spoken to Cake'd in Brooklyn and L'Vias Lucious Creations but havent heard back from either place.

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  1. How about a photo cake?

    Or, Wilton makes cake pans shaped like monkeys. They have all sorts of cake designs on their web site. I bought a pan once and gave it to a caterer to make me a giant cupcake.

    1. Try Sylvia Weinstock / 273Church St - NYC 10013
      212-925-6698 -
      She has O-K supervision for kosher cakes
      They have a great web site with pics - Very $$ but fantastic-

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      1. re: caterman

        website is not correct. Can you please check

          1. re: caterman

            Not aware that she has supervision. Nice!

          2. I can't believe L'via didn't get back to you. She also has supervision. (Chof-K) go to her web site and send her another email... I think she was away for a few days (per her facebook posts)

            1. Le Cake Chic in Lawrence is phenomenal. I don't have the contact info, but you can probably reach Daliah through the Le cake Chic Facebook page.