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Jul 17, 2011 07:07 AM

Asheville area Updates - Openings/Closings

Good news...lots of great additions to the Asheville restaurant scene as the area continues with a strong culinary presence despite the economy....lots of innovation in food and using local food and farm-raised products that's exciting and inspiring.
White Duck Taco (near French Broad River in River Arts District)
& Storm (S. Biltmore Ave area near Orange Peel) - haven't been to either but have heard good things.
Boca - have had their food at a culinary competition and was impressed - same owners as Mela Indian.
Curate Tapas Bar - authentic Spanish Tapas Bar experience on Biltmore Ave - have eaten there several times - (see other chowhound posts) - love it.
Junction in River Arts District - have had 2 great lunches there and want to go back for their unique drinks.
Further afield - Knife and Fork in Spruce Pine (1 hr from Asheville) is one of THE BEST restaurants I've ever eaten at in Asheville area - and that's saying alot. Also made my list for one of best meals EVER.

3 Brothers (near Montford Ave), Barbecue Inn (Patton Ave) and Tripps (downtown near Courthouse)...of these I'd only eaten at Tripps and was underwhelmed w/ the 80's -style menu. They Too bad as they had a strategic location close to law offices, courthouse and downtown. Hopefully we'll see another restaurant replace them.

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  1. I, too , am excited about the recent openings in Asheville. Tried the junction yesterday and REALLY liked it. I love a place that has a lot of cool stuff to decide between. I had the asparagus and poached egg sandwich and smoked peach and arugula salad w/ bacon dust. and the creamless corn soup. Husband had the shrimp blt w/ fried picked green tomato. It was a little too salty but otherwise good.

    And I really liked storm 2 weeks ago. And White Duck looked really interesting when we drove by on the way to the Junction. More stuff than we can get to not living in A'ville!

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      Danna - you would like Knife & Fork...maybe one day when you are doing a ride along the Pkwy....
      I'm not so sad over any that closed. I know the Asheville restaurant scene has had it tough but the ones that have "made it" and ones that have opened have been innovative and creative. The ones that closed were not such a big surprise.

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        have to admit I don't even know where Spruce Pine is. It's near the parkway? Casual? fine dining? I'm always looking for some place to be a destination. I ride for food.

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          It's just a bit off of the parkway, It's a good hour drive from Asheville if you go by 19E. A little longer IIRC by way of Marion and north on 226.

          There is a small mineral museum near the parkway. Downtown S.P. is small with a decent gallery representing local craftspeople. This area is quite close to Penland School and the quality of handmade items is quite high.

          This new restaurant should do well. There are so many people in that area who are well traveled and have been frustrated with the glut of chain fast food offerings that are the main options.

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            Spruce Pine is a bit north of the BR Parkway. You can also get there by I-40 East and then 221 & 226 North. Or I-26 West to US 19 East. We're planning to go there the latter way from Asheville on August 5th. or 6th. as there's a good, small craft show in the Burnsville town square those days plus a gem & mineral show in the arena in Spruce Pine and another free g&m show at the Grassy Creek fireman's field. That's a bit south of Spruce Pine on the way to Little Switzerland. Little Switzerland has a few interesting shop plus an inn with a great view. And of course try out the Knife & Fork. And now that Spruce Pine has wine and beer available in restaurants, the chef/owner at the Knife & Fork told me that he has a great wine list!

            Knife & Fork
            200 S Main St, Mount Holly, NC 28120

      2. Just looked at the Knife & Fork menu online--looks wonderful and mostly very reasonable. What did you have, Leah?

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        1. re: Jeff C.

          I see that Zoe Rose--the restaurant that replaced Tingles--is now open. Anyone tried it?

          1. re: Jeff C.

            i think it changes husband had rabbit "wings" that were tremendous...We've both had pork belly. Great desserts. Great's all good.

          2. A friend of mine went to Knife & Fork recently as part of the Best Dish contest (she is a judge) and was very impressed. They are very big on using local which is a requirement for being in the Best Dish contest. She had to eat the Best Dish offerings so didn't really have a choice of trying different things on the menu. But, she was shocked that she liked the liver, because she normally doesn't. Here is a link to her review which gives a lot more details about what the restaurant is doing and what she ate. And also a link to the restaurant's website.



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            1. Please be advised that the map to your RIGHT is NOT the correct map for Knife and Fork in Spruce Pine NC