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Jul 17, 2011 06:16 AM

Madrid/SS/Barcelona Itinerary up for critique

Here goes, all feedback is welcome. Thank you!

Day1: lunch @ Ramon Freixa, dinner at Le Cabrera
Day 2: tapas Lunch, dinner at DiverXo
Day 3: Lunch @ La Broche, tapas dinner

San Sebastien
Day 1: Lunch at Mugaritz, tapas dinner
Day 2: Lunch at Martin Berasteagui, dinner at Asador Etxebarri

Day 1: Lunch at Sant Pau, tapas dinner
Day 2: Lunch at the Boqueria, dinner @ Hisop
Day 3: Lunch @ Cinq Sentis, dinner at Commerc 24
Day 4: Lunch @ Alkimia, dinner @ 41 degrees

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  1. I don't know Madrid as well, but I can say that the places you've chosen in San Sebastian and Barcelona are all very nice. In fact, they're all pretty fancy. I wonder if you're depriving yourself of the more casual, authentic eats in Barcelona and SS. The tapas places in SS are great -- Txpetxa is my favorite. And Barcelona has little places in La Boqueria (Bar Pinotxo, for example) and Cal Pep. And you have to save room for a meringue at the La Colmena bakery.

    1. I hear that Diverxo is weird, weird food. Certainly untraditional. Whatever happened to simple, home cooking, like in Italy?

      1. Your picks are very nice in general.
        Maybe you should think about pacing better. Going to good restaurants twice a day may be excessive. A better pacing would increase, not reduce, your enjoyment.

        1. Day 2 in SS is going to leave you feeling kind of sick and not enjoying it. MB and Etxebarri is a bad idea in one day.
          Also, Etxebarri is usually always only open for lunch. Check on that.

          My suggestion is to pick Extebarri over MB. Also consider Akelare for lunch, then a light dinner. Akelare gets less press than most places, but it was one of the best meals we have ever had.

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          1. re: Heeney

            I agree that MB and Etxebarri is alot for one day, if you plan on the tasting menus at both. Since you are going to Barcelona I would suggest going to Lasarte which is also a Martin Berasategui restaurant and is a Michelin 2 star.

            Heeney is partially correct - Extebarri is only open for dinner Saturday night, and closed Mondays. By the way Cinq Sentis is my favorite restaurant in Barcelona proper, so hope you enjoy the experience.