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Jul 17, 2011 06:07 AM

Asador Etxebarri Transportation, HELP!

I will be staying in San Sebastien and eating at asador etxebarri in two weeks from yesterday. Does anyone have transportation recommendations if I don't have a rental car? Also, I know it's a long shot, but would anyone want to share a cab?

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  1. If it's for lunch, you can take the train to Durango and then get a cab to the restaurant. There's a train every hour or so and it takes two hours. Looks like the last train returns around 21.00--too early if you are having dinner.

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    1. re: butterfly

      Have made a reservation for lunch but struggling to get the right name of the departured station in St Sebastian. Checked EuskoTren site, it says Amara station, is that Donostiako Geltokia station according to the google map? And would train stop at TraƱa/Fausto-Landako station before Durango? Please help. Thank you.

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        Get off the train at Durango, then walk a few blocks to the main drag where all the local buses are and catch the bus to Axpe. Bus drops you off right in front of the restaurant and about a third of a mile from a path through a national park.

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          Thank you for the bus option. Do you know how often the bus comes through heading off to Axpe? Thanks again.

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            I think once an hour. It's a cool bus ride, believe it or not, through the mountains around Durango. Great views. I don't remember the number, either. Just ask for Axpe (Ash-pay).

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          Yes, that's the station:

          You can see all the stops on that line here (your particular train may not stop in them all, so be sure to check):

          This is, I believe,the bus company:

          You'll definitely want to nail down the bus schedule ahead of time, since a lot of small town service has been cut and weekends/holidays can also interfere.

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            Pesa won't get you from Durango to Axpe - you need a local bus for that, I think BiskaiaBus. Email Extebarri for the details.

      2. The above post by Butterfly is your only option if you don't drive or take a taxi. The last train leaves way too early for dinner, therefore, your reservation must be for midday meal if you do the train to Durango.

        1. This is not a densely populated part of Spain, so I'd suggest renting a car. You could pick it up in San Sebastian that day and return it that evening and I bet it would cost you less than a hundred dollars. By the time you take the train and taxi, your investment of dollars and time will be fairly substantial, so I'd argue that the rental car is a better deal.

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            I have rented a car from Bilbao Airport (that's where my plane arrives) for $300 for 3 days in October, but I am also going to Mugaritz on the 2nd day which is also in the countryside. Looking at the terrain, part of the fun might be getting a bit lost as long as I don't miss my reservations. Between the GPS and Google Maps I shouldn't have a problem.

            1. re: mramage

              The gps is better than google, but be warned that the satellite link conks out in the mtns on occasion. Still, the back roads are breathtaking. Driving is the way to go...

            2. re: glutton

              I was just there on April 1st, and I second the car rental recommendation. We flew into Bilbao, rented a car and drove there for lunch, afterwards continuing on to San Sebastian. It was not too dificult, especially if you have a phone with google maps. It is about 60 kms for San Sebastian, so I would imagine a taxi would be quite expensive. Either way the food is phenomenal, so I highly recommend a visit.

              1. re: sheriff

                Planning on doing the same thing as sheriff here - flying in to Bilbao for a night, then in the morning, renting a car for the day to go to Asador Etxebarri for lunch, and then driving to San Sebastian.

                Any words of wisdom for this drive (coming from the US)?

                BTW for future readers, Europcar has a location within the city of Bilbao and you can drop it off within San Sebastian. So you get the convenience of not having to go to the airports to get or drop off the cars.

            3. The original comment has been removed
              1. I did some research to get to Etxebarri by bus last summer. You can take bus 3913 from Durango to Axpe. From the Bizkaibus webpage it seems that the bus stops at Etxebarri only for the Arrazola-Durango direction. Perhaps you have to take from Durango to Arrazola and then taken the return trip to stop at Etxebarri.

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                  The thing runs I think once an hour, at least on the way back, and seems to originate and terminate on the main drag in Durango - at least the one I took does. There may be others.

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                    Deadstrok86, zizouz, butterfly, thank you very much guys. Yes Etxebarri has just confirmed that the frequency of Bus Line Durango-Arrazola is every 1 hour. Hopefully this info is useful for other foodies who wishes to use the bus option.