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Jul 17, 2011 01:13 AM

Kaiseki recommendation ?

Wondering if anyone has a personal recommendation for a kaiseki place or a kappo place with course meals in Tokyo ? We prefer style of cooking to be more traditional or only lightly modernised (no molecular gastronomy) but with foreigner-friendly service and ambience. If it helps, we have enjoyed this combination at Kikunoi, Yukari Nihonbashi and Banreki Azabu-Juban in the past.

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  1. Here below, some comment on my first visit to the kappo wakatokuyama in Hiroo (district of French embassy):
    As you might already know, kaiseki is based on seasons, actually to be more precise, on moon calendar (it originated perhaps from the agricultural machinery). August, 'hazuki' in Japanese calendar , correspond to food arrangements for cooling down, such as tomatoes, edamame, melon, okura, boiled anago with vinegar sauce, ....