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Jul 17, 2011 12:15 AM

August 6 in Paris

I will arrive in Paris on Saturday night, August 6. My hotel is in the 8th- the area that apparently lacks good restaurants.

I have searched and I am having a difficult time. I have tried to cross reference the "open in August" list with the "don't need reservations" list with the "French food" list and I am coming up empty.

I am at your mercy. Please tell me where to eat.

Note that I will be coming from Southern Brittany and will be very very tired. I don't even know if I am driving or taking a train but either way it is going to be an "adventurous" journey. I do not want anything that is too far away because I will probably be too disoriented to make it.

The hotel is near Place de Clichy, if that helps. Walking or a short cab ride would be ideal. No metro or bus ride or anything like that. I can clean up quickly so dressy is not an issue. If there are no restos, then please recommend somewhere I can get a hearty evening snack.

My only requirements are that the food is excellent and French. I don't care about wine or service or decor.


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  1. Why the "no reservation" criteria? Most decent places open in August will need them and god with no reservation in Paris is tricky at the best of times.

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    1. re: PhilD

      Well, I mentioned that I was coming from Brittany at some unspecified time via some as yet unknown method of transportation. I guess that I can make a reservation and cancel it.

      Also, I figured that anywhere good that requires reservations would be booked by now. I know that I can't get into most places in NY with just 3 weeks notice.

      I have no problem making a reservation and then I would just cancel if I can't make it as long as there is not a penalty.

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        One suggestion would be L'Aromatik, probably no more than 500 meters from Place Clichy, on Rue. J-B Pigalle. Usually busy, so best to reserve. For convenience and no reservations, Oakglen's suggestion of Brasserie Wepler would work; just don't expect culinary fireworks.

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          If you foresee being very, very tired, then you likely won't really be up to a fine dining experience.

          There are plenty of bistros and cafes all over the city that are Mom and Pop establishments that don't require a reservation, and where you can get a decent meal without too much fuss.

          There will even be plenty of them in the 8th -- ask when you finally get to your hotel, and they'll be able to guide you. Alternately, there are usually 24-hour bistros near the major train stations.

          1. re: t19103

            "Also, I figured that anywhere good that requires reservations would be booked by now. I know that I can't get into most places in NY with just 3 weeks notice." - it is wrong to think only the hot tables need booking, it is also wrong to think most places need to be booked weeks in advance. However, it is sensible (and polite) to book nearly all places in Paris even if it is only 24 hours in advance. Given it is a Saturday night in August in central Paris you won't have any decent options unless you do book.

        2. I don't recall if Brasserie Wepler has bar seating, but either way, you should be able to get in, even on a tough August Saturday. 14 Place du Clichy. Just remember, excellence and no reservations do not go together.

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          1. re: Oakglen

            Oakglen already suggested Brasserie Wepler right on Place de Clichy. I haven't been there so can't recommend it personally, but it is very well known and considered to be one of the better brasseries in Paris. Brasseries usually have hearty meals and serve until after midnight. My guess is that you wont need reservations after 11 p.m.

            For more information you can check

            I can, however, recommend Le Perroquet Vert at 7 Rue Cavallotti, 75018 Tel: 01 45 22 49 16 having eaten there several times. I found the food to be excellent. The location is not far from where you will be staying. I can't say if you will need reservations nor how late they serve. It could be a place to go another day.

            By the way Place de Clichy is in the 18th.

          2. The Place de Clichy area is full of cheap snack. I myself would not eat there.
            Place de Clichy is close enough to the 9th and the 18th, but not the best part of the 9th and the 18th. You may need to walk or go further.

            Have you checked this list?

            Your choice will be extremely limited if you insist on not going far on a Sunday night in August. Even on a non-August month, that neighborhood is not blessed with a lot of good eateries Sunday night. You may want to relax all these conditions if you want to eat well.

            The best eats where you have a chance that I can think of is chez Casimir (in the 10th), which is open that weekend. But on the weekends the resto serves a buffet all day long, until 7pm, if I remember. I loved our dinner there but have not had the buffet.
            It is not a long cab ride. According to Google Map, the walk is 25 minutes.

            Or, you can go to one of the brasseries closer to Paris center.

            1. Maybe Le Bistral on rue Lemercier is do-able .... it's certainly walkable from the place Clichy

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              1. re: Parnassien

                Will le Bistral be open in early August?

                1. re: souphie

                  oups... no mention of fermeture on bistral's website but lafourchette says it's closed in august

              2. Yes, I have checked Paris by mouth.

                No, I am never too tired to eat well.

                I do not like to rely on hotel staff because they are going to identify me as a tourist and send me somewhere disappointing.

                August 6 is a Saturday, not a Sunday.

                I am going to try Noura but I am not sure about the location. There are so many of them. It isn't French but it is French Lebanese- something that I haven't had in NY so it is acceptable. Also, my favorite cuisine (besides Caribbean) is Middle Eastern/North African so I am excited. I will post a separate Noura question to figure out which one to reserve. Thanks everyone!

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                1. re: t19103

                  In general, you won't need a reservation at the Noura restos. I love the one on Blvd. Montparnasse (close to Vavin metro stop), 6th arr., pretty large with a hidden garden.


                  1. re: t19103

                    Note I didn't say "not eat well" -- I meant that when you're tired and hungry, the whole 7-course meal with 5 different wines is just too much.

                    There was never even a whisper of a suggestion that would compromise on taste or quality -- just fuss.

                    1. re: sunshine842

                      Yeah. And it would probably make me even sleepier!

                      1. re: t19103

                        ...snoozing with your schozz stuck in the Brie is just SOOOO not done....