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Jul 16, 2011 08:58 PM

North Carolina pie recommendations

Hi, Hounds,

I'm planning a wedding in the Warrenton area and would like to forgo dry fondant-covered cake in favor of delicious wedding pie. Not being a North Carolina native, I need to know: who makes the best pie within an hour or so of Warrenton? We're open to an assortment of pies: fruit, cream, nut, etc. Just let us know who does what best.


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  1. According to google, Durham is only about 1 hr from Warrenton. Scratch Bakery is in Durham and they make a variety of amazing pies. Flavors rotate, but I'm sure they would do some specific ones by request.

    1. Some of the farms that sell at the Carrboro and Durham Farmer's market also make great pies and for less than what Scratch would charge. A grape pie may be good depending on when the actual wedding is and what would be in season accordingly.

      Additionally, Foster's Market and Guglhupf may work too.

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        Thanks for the tip on Foster's and Gugelhupf! Do you have any specific farmer's market bakers you prefer? I'm happy to make a trip down to NC to try them all, but some guidance would certainly be appreciated.

      2. Wow, this has the potential to be a great Three Stooges-style wedding reception! I'd go with cream pies exclusively. Then when the pie-throwing commences, they won't stain people's clothes the way fruit pies can. ;)

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          There is a guy in Wake Forest that has a store called "Pies and More" he has over 30 types and makes from scratch. I saw his number on his vehicle and wrote it down 556--1324. They also have a meat and two restaurant in town as well.

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              Does this mean he has meat pies as well ;-)

          1. Sweet Jane's bakery in Durham also makes delicious country style pies (apple or blueberry crumb or crunch, coconut custard, french silk, key lime, pecan, fresh fruit, etc). They don't have a "storefront" bakery because they mostly sell to local coffee shop. If you want to sample, you will need to order a whole pie (starting at $18). The catalog is available upon request. Good luck!

            Sweet Jane
            4823 Meadow Drive Suite 115
            Durham, NC 27713

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              1. re: burgeoningfoodie

                Hmmm, i guess I was trying to express "traditional" compared to the ones made by Scratch bakery. Sweet Jane pies are homey and comfort to me; while I found excitement and freshness in Sandhill Peach Pie and Tomato Pie made by Scratch.

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                  Thanks for this recommendation! Would you happen to know which coffee shops carry their pies? The internet didn't seem to want to help me answer that question.

                  1. re: Hungry Man

                    I only know the ones on UNC-CH campus, global cafe, friends cafe, and daily grind; yet none of them carry the pies but other pastries. According to the internet, Blue cafe in Durham also offer the pastries from SJ-not sure if that's still true for now nor if they offer the pie. A whole pie is about $18 each, just FYI.
                    BTW, Weaver Street Market bakery also make delicious pies.

                    Weaver Street Market
                    228 S Churton St, Hillsborough, NC 27278

                    1. re: saragirl

                      Thanks for the coffee shop details and the Weaver Street Market recommendation. I don't think I would have thought of/found Weaver Street without help.

                      Weaver Street Market
                      228 S Churton St, Hillsborough, NC 27278

            1. Pie Birds in Raleigh is relatively new. They have excellent savory and sweet pies: