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Jul 16, 2011 08:35 PM

Gewurtztramminer showing taste and aroma of lychee - After tonight's experience, NOT THAT SIMPLE!!!

I just learn something new today!

In the past, it is pretty common to read and hear wine tasting description of Gewurztraminer or lately harvest Riesling as "showing exotic taste and aroma of lychee nuts". I for one also like to use this comparison.

Today, whilst shopping in a huge Oriental Supermarket, I happened to come across three different varietals of lychee nuts from China and Taiwan. They include the common 'Black Leaf ( $2.99/lb'), the more exotic ' Concubine smile'( $3.99/lb) and the super rare and expensive ' Emperor's Love' ( $6.99/lb). Upon getting home, not unlike wine, I did a horizontal tasting of the three.

To my surprise. only the 'Concubine Smile' actually possesses the typical smell and taste of a fine late harvest Gewurzt and/or Riesling. The other two tasted just sweet, one dimensional and totally lacking in compleixity. In fact the Emperor's Love smelled and tasted more like a sweet persimmons instead!

Guess what I am trying to say is, 'based on what I learned today, its not that simple just to use a 'generic lychee analogy term' to describe my beloved Gewurzt. From now on, I have to use the correct ' lychee varietal'!!

Man! Life is getting complicated!! Ha!

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  1. Interesting. Concubine Smile is a China blend, what is Emperor's Love ??? Is it from Taiwan like Black Leaf ? I bet 99.99% of the people has not even taste the real taste of Lychee. The color, taste and smell of Lychee are the best right fresh from the tree. It changes color, loses most of it's smell and taste after a few days ! That's the name of Concubine Smile comes from. In ancient China, Lady Yang’s favorite fruit was lychees, the Ancient Chinese Emperor had the horse non-stop relayed the freshest lychee to the palace just to get a smile on his lover's face.

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      Emperor's Love apparently is a rare treat from China. Very sweet and juicy and NO PIT!! Could be genetically modified? No aroma though! and not worth the money! Like the Le Pin of Lychees! ! Ha!!