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Cilantro...to use the stems or not?

I use them when I make tacos or burritos but on TV everyone trims it off...any thoughts?

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  1. I always trim them completely because I'm one of those people who finds it soapy tasting when the stems are included but I enjoy the flavor when it's just the leaves.

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      I rather enjoy the texture and feel its more authentic (even though I could be completely wrong since Im from montreal).....I dont get a soapy taste that many people describe...plus its just easier hahha

    2. The thicker, lower parts of the stems I do remove but hell, the upper parts near the leaves you can certainly leave on...same with parsley *in my opinon.* hee!

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      1. Io use the stems most often. Roots too if lucky enough to find them with roots

        1. Not everyone. Daisy Martinez does not. In one episode she comments that she was trimming off the stems as taught in culinary school, and her mother corrected her, saying that she should use everything.

          The stems are tender, but I usually chop them short.

          How about using parsley stems?

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            Parsley stems? No soup for you!!

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              I always use the parsley stems. I chop them really fine and find that they add quite a bit of flavor to the food.

              I have seen cilantro mentioned quite a bit but I must admit I have no idea what it is. Is it an ingredient used more in the US?

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                Perhaps you know it as coriander?

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                  In the US we usually call the fresh leaves cilantro and the dried seeds coriander rather than "fresh" vs. "dried" coriander..

                  I use the stems, the flavor is there just as it is in the leaves.

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                    It was rare in most of the U.S. until recent decades, and is still rare in Australia and New Zealand and, well, all the old northern European settled places where there had not been much Latin influence.

              2. Yeah, stems are just fine. Sometimes I remove them for company just because I know there are those who will think it's a faux pas and will snicker behind my back on the way home, never knowing that I know some think it's a faux pas but just happen to disagree.

                Also? The crunch and punch is a really nice contract.

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                  I find the stems have a more intense flavor and use then in blended sauces or my scotch bonnet hot sauces.