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Jul 16, 2011 07:11 PM

Lansing, Grand Rapids, Royal Oak, & Frankfort area - looking for great chow

Hound visiting from Montreal in late July...I've tried searching the boards but don't know the area at all so am not finding a whole lot. We'll be staying one night in Lansing so will need dinner & possibly breakfast. Heading to Grand Rapids in the morning so could do breakfast in either place, depending what we find. After that, will be near Frankfort for a week. Then headed to Royal Oak for a night so will need dinner before a show at the Royal Oak Theater, then breakfast before heading out. We're not looking for any kind of food in particular. Casual, hole-in-the wall, fine dining, whatever. Just looking for great chow, and hopefully some foods unique to the area. Also wondering about cherries and such...is the season over yet? Anywhere great to sample cherry products? I've read about cherry shakes somewhere & cherry pie at the Cherry Hut in Beulah. Anything else? Thanks in advance!

The Cherry Hut
211 N Michigan Ave, Beulah, MI 49617

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  1. Royal Oak is a suburb in the Detroit area, and is home to the Detroit Zoo. Lansing is about 75-90 minutes driving from Detroit. Grand Rapids is another hour past Lansing, and then Frankfort is about 2.5 hours north of there. There are plenty of previous discussions on this board providing the information you need; have you tried searching and browsing what's already been written?

    There are many, many topics on this board featuring restaurants in the Detroit area, way too numerous to mention, and most of them would be convenient to Royal Oak.

    There's a comprehensive discussion of Lansing at:

    The two most complete discussions of Grand Rapids dining are at:

    There isn't much for Frankfort, which is a very small town, but there are plenty for nearby Traverse City:

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      Wow, lots of info - thanks. I realized I was only searching the past year so was missing some of the discussions you listed.

    2. Late July is the tail end of the cherry season but you may still find some fresh at roadside stands or farmers markets. The Cherry Hut is definitely worth a visit, it's at the other end of Crystal Lake from Frankfort. The cherry shakes you read about were probably at Don's Drive-In in Traverse City, which is about 45 miles from Frankfort. In Frankfort I like Dinghy's, a casual bar with a really good grilled cheese sandwich; also the Crescent Bakery, which has a small cafe and excellent donuts. These are both on Main st in downtown Frankfort.
      About 30 miles north on M-22 is Glen Arbor, where the Cherry Republic is - a retail store with cherry products, a cafe, and a tasting room for (cherry) wine and (soda) pop. Across the street is Art's Tavern, with good burgers and a pool table that disappears into the floor.


      Don's Drive-In
      2030 N US Highway 31 N, Traverse City, MI 49686

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        Great info - thank you. Turns out some of our group are staying in Beulah, so we've already had Cherry Hut cherry pie, and it was AMAZING! We'll be back for sure.

        The Cherry Hut
        211 N Michigan Ave, Beulah, MI 49617

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          Not a restaurant, but you might also want to check out the Cherry Bowl Drive-In, just a couple miles down the road from the Cherry Hut. Very family-friendly atmosphere (never any R-rated movies) with a great concession stand - popcorn with real butter, caramel corn, milkshakes, etc.

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            While it's probably not going to match the best Montreal has to offer in that category, my former NYC-based sister thought that the Jewish (but not kosher) deli in Beulah had some pretty tasty sandwiches.


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              For whatever reason, the Detroit area has some of the best Jewish delis in North America - as good as (even better than, IMHO) the ones in New York City and Montreal. The best include Star Deli, Stage Deli, Steve's, and Deli Unique. They're not all that far from Royal Oak and are worth the trip. You'll find detailed recommendations in these discussions:


        2. Downtown RO is basically a giant outdoor food court. On a warm night it's hopping.

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            Hmm, this is intriguing...do you mean there are food carts or...? Any particular recommendations? And is the Royal Oak Theater in the downtown area? It would be nice not to have to drive around too much. Thanks!

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              No, just a LOT of restaurants, many with outdoor seating this time of year, and a lot of activity. RO Theatre is downtown between the two main drags.

              My own experience is that the restos are good but not jaw dropping culinary great. I'd be happy with Tom's Oyster Bar for casual seafood. I've not heard good things about either Mexican restaurant downtown although Cantina Diablo's seems to be packing them in. Bastone/Cafe Habana are good (they share a building). I rather like Sangria for tapas, right by the theatre, but the paella was bland IMO.

              RO is well known for its parking enforcement although the tickets aren't too onerous. You can easily park and walk to everything.

              Tom's Oyster Bar
              6870 N Rochester Rd, Rochester Hills, MI 48306

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                Wow, I can't wait! Thanks for the info. Oysters sound good, but so does Mexican. That's one thing we don't have much of in Montreal.

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                  I wouldn't expect too much of Cantina Diablo if you're craving authentic Mexican. It's fine for what it is (more Tex-Mex than anything), and while I don't appreciate it myself, apparently their tableside-prepared guacamole is something to behold (I don't care for avocado much). It's a *very* gaudy place (you'll definitely know it when you see it), and the food is decent, but nothing to write home about.

                  It's been ages since I've been to a Tom's Oyster Bar, but not for any bad reason. I'm just not into oysters, but they do a lot more than that. It's a relatively popular mini-chain (3 places, now?) in the area, and they've stood the test of time, so that should tell you something right there. Oddly popular with women.

                  Bastone gets *rave* reviews for Belgian cuisine. They, too, seem to have earned their culinary stripes. I've not been here myself, but I'm not a see-and-be-seen guy myself, and a lot of Royal Oak can be that way. I would trust Bastone based on the sheer number of good reviews I've seen and the people I know who've been there.

                  There's also the Town Pump Tavern, which I've heard pretty good things about.

                  I'd strictly avoid Mr. B's Pub (hardly glorified GFS reheated food) and Inn Season Cafe (because I hate it severely). There are *tons* of other choices. For a quick burger, Burgerz is a place I've tried (at least their Rochester location) and liked, if only for the decent burger itself. Don't recall trying anything else.

                  419 S Main St, Royal Oak, MI 48067

          2. Don't miss the Cherry Hut! It's great.

            The Cherry Hut
            211 N Michigan Ave, Beulah, MI 49617

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              Thanks - what do you recommend besides the pie?

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                Well, the pie is the objective, but the cherry chicken salad is good. Some days they have cherry BBQ which is really good. My father-in-law loves being able to get Thanksgiving dinner year round. It's a kitschy diner, not fine dining. Don't forget to order a glass of Cherry-Ade with your meal.

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                  Yum, had a Cherry-Ade, as well as a decent veggie sandwich, and a few more pies to take home. Our whole group enjoyed their various sandwiches, and our waitress was outstanding! So sweet, friendly, quick and thoughtful!

            2. Cafe Muse In Royal Oak for breakfast. Everything on the menu is delicious.

              Cafe Muse
              418 S Washington Ave, Royal Oak, MI 48067

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                cafe muse was good...not the most innovative or best brunch, but solid. i think they place emphasis on their locally sourced ingredients more than innovation or being the best per particular dish