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Jul 16, 2011 06:53 PM

Buffalo Wings

I am planning on eating only wings for a week in Buffalo.

I am staying downtown, should I rent a car?

Where are the must not miss wing joints in the city?

I'll make my way through them.


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  1. You have to go to the Anchor Bar as that's where they supposedly originated. Gabriel's Gate has huge buffalo wings.

    1. Duff''s is a popular place and I haven't been, but I keep hearing that the wings at BarBill's are great.

      1. Lots of places have good wings in Buffalo, but everybody suggests the same few places. I choose the bar based on beer selection and atmosphere, and then worry about the wings. Anchor Bar falls seriously short by this criteria.

        1. If I don't rent a car are there any good places near downtown?

          1. Thanks again for the replies, wow, real Buffalo wings are something incredible. Really worth the hype. I can never eat a wing anywhere else again.

            My favorites (a tie) were Gabriel's Gate and BarBill's, both a bit different, GG were more along the "traditional" saucy style and BB was dry but both were incredibly fantastic. I'm thinking of taking a vacation back to Buffalo!

            Anchor Bar was still really really good, a bit smaller and drier, and the place was a bit "TGI Fridays esque" but overall I saw through the hype and had great wings.

            Labatt's Blue on tap is something special as well.

            I ate at Duff's and was not impressed at all. Wings were overfried and dry, the hot sauce was straight out of the bottle and even their hottest sauce was underwhelming.

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              Thanks for the update! Yeah - B'Lo wings are truly a great thing. Hope you got to try sponge candy while you were there as well!