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Jul 16, 2011 04:03 PM

Remember Blueberry Hill Restaurant? ISO similar Veggie burger..

I recall at York U a yummy burger place called Blueberry Hill. I really liked their "hand made" veggie burgers. They were more like vegetable burgers than imitation meat if my memory serves me.

Today my SO grilled Wild Wood Organics sprouted tofu burgers that have some vegetables in it and it seemed pretty close.

Any restaurants make a good garden burger that seems less like soy and more vegetables?
I'd love to find one that is the most nutrition/taste combo.
I try not to consume a tonne of soy (because I LOVE it, it can get out of balance) so if I could find a vegetable burger that is more about the veggies than the burger, that would be a nice change from my usual mixed grilled veggie routine in the summer.

Maybe I should look up something from the Moosewood grill cookbook...


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  1. Blueberry hill just moved, they're at 2777 Steeles Ave W, North York, ON

    steeles ave w. & petrolia corner.

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    1. re: danbacchus

      Are you positive that Blueberry Hill is still around?

      1. re: kwass

        Yes, i'm absolutely positive..... do you think i just pulled a random address out of a hat?

        I ate there yesterday. They've only been open at their new location since Monday. I ate the beef burger, and I was unimpressed. Toppings are mediocre, and the burger was overcooked.

        Here's a link from the York U paper.:

    2. A quick google check seems to indicate that Don Lee Farms is the source for Blueberry Hill's Veggie Burger. Not sure that they will sell direct, but you can check their website at:

      1. Believe it or not Loving Hut (an international chain of organic, vegan Asian restaurants, with 2 locations in Toronto), has a fabulous burger made mostly of vegetables and some grains. They have two burgers on the menu; I think it's the "What a Burger!!!" that is the non-soy-based one. Great burger, fabulous fries, and some of their other food is pretty good, too. (And I'm not vegan or vegetarian.) I've only been to their Eglinton (between Bathurst and Allen) location.

        1. My girlfriend used to be addicted to those burgers!! I never tried one myself, but if you do find them again, please report back!

          1. Just to be clear the Blueberry Hill that has been at York and recently moved to Steeles Ave is only loosely connected to the Mini-chain that used to have locations on Bloor Street, Steeles and Yonge and Ontario Place did originally operate the location at York when it opened in 1991 but they sold it in 1994 and moved to San Diego where they have been running a place by the same name (although it seems it too has recently closed)

            So if you are looking for something you got at York post 1994 you're in luck, they're still around. If you're expecting the original Blueberry Hill, not so much