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Jul 16, 2011 03:52 PM

Looking for an old restaurant in Pensacola...

I'm looking for a restaurant that I visited when I was young, about 30 years ago. It's probably long gone, but just in case it's was a large open air restaurant - very exotic to a 12 year old! Lots of palm trees, VERY high ceilings, rattan chairs, etc.

Does this ring a bell with anyone? Not sure what type of food, but most likely seafood/steaks.

Thank you!

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  1. I've been here 12 years so that a little before my time :)
    but..from what you described it doesnt sound like anywhere thats still here, you have any more clues? part of town or more charecteristics?

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    1. re: Mytah

      No, I don't know any more details - but thanks for trying. Honestly, it is most likely long gone. Which is a shame - it was such an unbelievable place. I'm going to see if I can contact my dad; maybe he'll remember...

      1. re: librarianjen

        If you find out more, post, I'd love to hear about it.

    2. Update - my dad's girlfriend at the time thinks it was Jubilee's. That name doesn't ring a bell, but it very well may be it. Here's what she said:

      "We went upstairs for dinner and it did look something out of a movie set. Food was wonderful and they felt very special. Downstairs was open to the bay side and they had beach music and shops all along the deck."

      I don't remember it being upstairs, but it could have been. I honestly thought it was on the ground floor, but I could be remembering it wrong. Is anyone here familiar with this name?


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      1. re: librarianjen

        Ahhh yes, you meant Pensacola BEACH. Yes I remember Jubilees. Right on the boardwalk. They had "fine dining" upstairs and casual down. They closed about 3 or 4? years ago some place called Castaways is in that building now. Always had a great view there.

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          Oh and I heard Castaways is pretty horrible.

          1. re: Mytah

            Yes, Jubilee's I remember it fondly. so sorry it has closed. The food and ambience were both excellent.