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Jul 16, 2011 01:09 PM

food at downtown farmer's market or hope farmer's market?

which one has better food? any recs of foods to try at the market?

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  1. Almost weekly, I buy Indian food from a vendor at the Hope Farmer's Market--the chutneys and the flatbreads filled with lentils. I go home and warm the flatbread up in a cast iron pan, and spread the tomato chutney on it. I have no idea if that's how one is supposed to eat that, but it tastes great. After that, I have half of one of those small fruit pies from Pie Fixes Everything. She has nice crusts on her pies and they are never too sweet. She uses seasonal fruit. I've eaten tamales from another vendor, and sometimes I buy bread from the Phoenix Bakery. The charcuterie stands have also had my business--usually, I buy one of the pates. I've been to almost every farmer's market in town but I go to the Hope market the most. It's not all that crowded, it's easy to find parking and it's always laid back. Don't tell anyone, okay?

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      Got some of the Indian food (and he gave us samples of everything!), a strawberry-rhubarb pie from Pie Fixes Everything, and goat sliders from Salt & Time Salume yesterday. All very good!

      Salt & Time
      414 Waller St., Austin, TX

    2. The downtown market has a much better selection. Try Bola Pizza - I think it's the best in town. And Thai Fresh has awesome ice cream there that you can eat for dessert. Confituras' preserves are also amazing!

      That said, I do like Hope for the reasons Veewing mentioned, and also for the timing - it's open on Sundays, which is often a better time for me to hit the market. But, like I said, it is significantly smaller than the downtown market.