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Jul 16, 2011 12:45 PM

Peking Duck for a special occasion?

We want to celebrate our anniversary with the 3 course Peking Duck meal somewhere that is not Richmond or Surrey (we are in North Vancouver and have trouble driving long distances).
Any suggestions please?

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  1. Kirin on Alberni St. downtown has 2 course Peking Duck.

    1. I like the Peking Duck at Dynasty Seafood on Broadway. They include fried lotus root chips, which is a good touch.

      1. I've had Peking Duck at Victoria (in Royal Centre, across from the Burrard Skytrain station) and it was good so that would be closer than Richmond.

        One of the best Peking Duck experiences I've had in Vancouver was at Koon Bo - it's not fine dining but their Peking Duck is awesome!

        Royal Centre
        , Vancouver, BC V5Y, CA

        1. Also give Golden Great Wall a shot (Broadway/Heather)

          1. Bing Sheng in East Van does a good Peking Duck sliced tableside.

            Bing Sheng Restaurant
            1800 Renfrew St, Vancouver, BC V5M 2N9, CA

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            1. re: fmed

              Fmed, i ran into Ken for the CRA that mentioned a good place for peking duck, do you know if it was Bing Shen?

              1. re: betterthanbourdain

                I didn't think the Peking duck we had at Bing Sheng was particularly stellar, FWIW (that was once and a while back). But more importantly for the OP, it is not a special occasion restaurant IMO. Neither is Gold Great Wall, nor Koon Bo (as NMS notes). Not necessarily commenting on the quality of the duck but rather the ambiance of these places, which don't say "anniversary dinner" to me at all, if atmosphere is important.

                Bing Sheng Restaurant
                1800 Renfrew St, Vancouver, BC V5M 2N9, CA

                1. re: grayelf

                  I think the duck itself was good. But the crepes were doughy. For good duck and a highend atmosphere perhaps one of the Kirins. Alternatively Red Star in Richmond.

                  1. re: fmed

                    If you're going for atmosphere, I'm going to reiterate my Dynasty Seafood suggestion.

                    1. re: clutterer

                      We were at Dynasty two nights ago for a largish family dinner (2 tables, 25 people incl. 6 kids).

                      For a special night out for a couple, might be better to sit in the NW corner of the room by the window, with a decent northerly view (which a lot of Chinese restos don't have). The room isn't super big nor impersonal, and that's good. If ambiance and ability to carry a good conversation is important, then Dynasty might be a good shortlist candidate.

                      Never had their Peking Duck so I can't speak for that. But our dishes (set dinners ~ $300 per table) was ok, but didn't blow me away or anything.

                      Some of the blog entries that reviewed Dynasty's dinners may be helpful, 'tho no Peking Duck is seen:


                2. re: betterthanbourdain

                  Perhaps it was Good Choice? They do a good job with chicken or duck. I know Ken likes Good Choice.

                  1. re: fmed

                    Kirin downtown would be a good compromise, though their Peking Duck isn't as amazing as it should be. There is also a Red Star in Marpole which isn't quite as far as Richmond (though not that far from Richmond actually)

                    1. re: NoMoreSnuggles

                      How's Kirin in central Vancouver (12th/Cambie) compare to their downtown location ?