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Jul 16, 2011 12:34 PM

Chinese Egg Puffs

Where in Toronto could we find Egg Puffs made the Hong Kong way ? Or an iron to make them?
To see what we mean please go to
Thanks to you all.

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  1. I know they sell these at Pacific Mall but wouldn`t be able to tell you if they are made the Hong Kong way. As for the iron, I have seen them at William Sonoma. Be prepared to pay a high price for it though.

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    1. re: Chocolatemama

      Market Village. Shop/stall is next to the small LCBO outlet. The product actually tasted better than some of the ones I had in Hong Kong a few months ago!

    2. There's a vendor in the Dragon City Mall at Dundas and Spadina just inside the entrance. However I think they skimp on the eggs so it does not taste as flavourful as I remembered it from Hong Kong. I've also tried making it with a regular waffle iron; the taste is there but the texture is not right.

      1. i hear you can get them filled with peanut butter - does anyone know where i can get these?

        1. You can get them at Market Village or the upper level of Pacific Mall. There are a few vendors there (in Pacific) that has the egg puffs for sale, though I find them to be too sweet compare to the ones I had in Hong Kong

          1. I believe you can get the iron itself at the knife shop in Pacific Mall.