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Jul 16, 2011 10:56 AM

In the Wilderness of Surrey...are there any good eats out here?

My work has cast me out from the nest in Vancouver to the wilds of Surrey (Central City, Surrey Memorial Hospital, and Guildford triangle). The few times I have been able to go for lunch I have been immensely disappointed. For a region with diverse Asian groups there is a lot of badly made Asian food...any gems that will make this long commute worthwhile..lunch places, grocery stores, bakeries? I am an omnivore, food curious, and will try about just anything...

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  1. Haven't been but some 'hounds like the Indian food at Dakshin. And also still need to check out the SEA goodies at the Hen Long grocery store.

    1. Have a look at he has quite a few Surrey reviews. Also look up urbanspoon for Vancouver and search on Surrey.

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        Good call Philx, I was gonna suggest looking up Sherman's blog too.

        Mijune also has a few Surrey reviews and she's always got the details down pat:

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          My wife and I found Dakshin to be delicious when we ate there for lunch back in April. The place was kind of dead but it was around 2 pm on a weekday.

      2. Surrey is a food wasteland. Mostly fast food, chain restaurants, and poor quality pizza, Chinese, Japanese, Indian.

        1. Lots of good lunch spots, not so many good dinner places though. But for lunch here's a small selection.

          Pho Tam Restaurant - 10302 135 Street, #10
          Very good pho and other Vietnamese food.

          Round-Up Cafe - 10449 King George Highway
          Cute little retro diner with perogies, cabbage rolls, sausage, burgers fries and great onion rings. Would totally fit in on Diners Drive in and Dives.

          ??Not sure of the name, but there is a good Bahn Mi place in the food court of the Guildford T and T (at 100th and 152nd). It has about a dozen different types of Bahn Mi subs on great french style hoagies that taste great and are all $3.75. Great value and quality. I like the #5.

          Taste Of Punjab, A - 10009 136A Street
          Great Indian place with some of the best butter chicken I've ever had. Service is slow for dinner but I noticed it seems much quicker for lunch.

          I'll try to add more when I have time.


          Pho Tam Restaurant
          10302 135 St, Surrey, BC V3T4Y8, CA

          1. I've heard the food at Central CIty brewery is very good. I've never been myself but I can say they have excellent beer!

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              I've been to CCBC. Good beers (but I had v. limited consumption since it was during workday, doh !). The food is decent, like Milestones 10-15 years ago. I'll let you take that whichever way ;-)

              1. re: LotusRapper

                Outstanding beers. Foodwise, the pizzas seem a good bet. I've attended beer dinners at CC and those menus have been well prepared and presented. Their burgers, however, are pretty awful based on the one I had at their recent cask festival. It was the previously frozen, rubbery variety.

              2. re: waylman

                Beer is good if you like hoppy. Their pale ale is more like an IPA and their IPA is... hard to describe, and drink. Very bitter. I happen to love hoppy so their Pale ale works great for me.

                Food is over priced and "pretty" but average IMO. Ok once in a while, but I wouldn't frequent it.

                1. re: Jzone

                  Yeah, they are definitely a brewery in a West Coast style. Their IPA has a good hop kick to it, although still nowhere near some of what's come out of some of the better micros in the US. They generally have an option or two for the crowd who doesn't like hops though. I think they should have their white and raspberry wheat on the menu right now. Even as someone who prefers my beers either dark and toasty or light and ridiculously floral, their raspberry wheat ale is fantastic. Kills the new GI bottles dead in the water.

                  Food was mediocre every time I had it. Largest advice is to just skip the burgers entirely. I was so, so disappointed. Pizza was decent.