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Jul 16, 2011 10:54 AM

Questions about Northern Spain

Making a trip to Spain in early Sept. Had a few inquiries I haven't seen much about on the board.

1) Best seafood restaurants in Barcelona. Can be super casual, or even a good sit down place. I've seen La Paradeta which looks awesome. Or can I assume ALL places serve good fresh seafood?

2) Food recommendations in Zaragoza. We're driving from Barcelona to La Rioja and want to make a stop in Zaragoza for a night. Is there other towns on the way that would be more food driven?


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  1. I can give a couple of recommendations for Zaragoza, we stopped over there for a day between Barcelona and San Sebastian and really enjoyed both of our meals.

    Alta Taberna Pedro Saputo ( - stopped here for lunch - a lovely tapas bar. The prawn and monkfish brochettes, bacalao with tomatoes (on bread), and razor clams were highlights, though everything was spot on. The place filled up by 2pm (on a weekday no less), we were glad we arrived early.

    Ana Saz Restaurante ( - our dinner, which was a couple of small appetizers and then shared the "arroz especial de Ana" - loaded with seafood and cooked perfectly. The server/owner was also delightful and made for a memorable evening.

    We also went to La Paradeta in Barcelona, would definitely recommend it for a casual and inexpensive meal. Arrive early if possible - we waited in line for about half an hour (outside in the scorching heat) and showed up 5 minutes before they even gets busy!

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      Thanks for your recommendations. We're so excited for our trip!

    2. The best seafood I had in Barcelona came from two places. In La Boqueria, we had a wonderful lunch of fresh seafood (generally grilled simply) at Bar Pinotxo. In El Born, we had a great lunch at Cal Pep -- the fried fish was great, the razor clams were outstanding, and the grilled prawns were perfect. Personally, I prefer to sit at the counter at Cal Pep -- entertainment is free and you can see what other people are eating, which can give you ideas.