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Jul 16, 2011 10:46 AM

Where around Myrtle Beach can I find a shrimpburger?

This NYer is coming to Charleston area in a couple of days which cannot come fast enough....what inspired this trip was a shrimp burger I had here in NYC that was AMAZING. First thing off the plane (at Myrtle Beach) I want another! Where could we go? We will have dinner that night with friends in Conway but I want to get right to the seafood! (and beach too if we could....)

Thanks for all the suggestions

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  1. Good luck with that!...I grew up in SC and have traveled the coast often.I think it was five years ago that I actually had my first shrimp burger.I had heard of them but had never seen one...kinda like Bigfoot!

    Shrimp burgers are one of those hyper local things that just don't travel.Think Kentucky Hot Brown,or one of my favorites,fried liver mush sandwiches fron the Shelby NC area.

    Myrtle Beach is a dead zone when it comes to regional food.People just don't go there for that!..and that goes for HHI too.

    Shrimp burgers seem to be found mostly from Charleston to Savannah,but not really in Charleston.

    I'd bet my last buck that 90% of the shrimp served in MB came from some brackish pool in Indonesia.

    1. I would try heading north into nc. You may want to call a few callabash style places to see if they have them on the menu since it is fried shrimp on a bun

      1. There are 2 places near Charleston that serve shrimpburgers: Sesame in N. Chuck and Buddyroe's, right down the street from me here in Mt. P. There are places around Beaufort that serve them too. I know little about Myrtle.

        1. The Seafood Hut in Calabash has them. Really Good!!!

          1. Oh thanks so much; can't wait. Thanks SC Chowhounds....let us know if you need NYC help...

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              That will absolutely happen. I love NYC. Have a great time.