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Jul 16, 2011 09:03 AM

Replicate roasted pig's head from The Gorbals?

Has anyone had the roasted pig's head from The Gorbals? It wasn't my idea to order it, but I must say, I was the picking all the last remnants of the delicious, rich and sticky meat and unexpectedly crunchy-chicarrone like skin. The Chef, Ilan Hall, says he brines it for a few days and then boils it, and then roasts it to finish...but how does that transform what seems like super rubbery skin to that beautiful crunchy goodness? Thanks for any suggestions, I want to attempt this at home. I'm guessing any cut of pork might work for this? (I mean a piece with a nice layer of skin & a shoulder?)


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  1. You don't want to do the head? Texturally it'll be more interesting than a shoulder and you'd have fun cleaning the ears and nostrils.

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      HMM, good point! I happened to have full pork shoulders in the freezer so I was hoping that would be a good substitute, but you have a good point there! Thanks! And Thans Gmarie - the dish was so delish that I am inspired!

    2. I love your ambition!! And I love The Gorbals!! Have fun!

      1. Hi all, just wanted to report back that my attempt at replicating something akin to The Gorbal's pig head was a FAR CRY from Ilan's dish. While my pork shoulder was tasty, I don't think it had enough fat on it to actually turn out the "chicarrone" like texture the pig face had....unless I missed a step? My pork skin turned out crisp and brittle....but definitely not cracklin. I wonder what Ilan Hall did? I read around for some recipes on chicacharrone and I see some that says to use "baking soda"? Or as wattacetti said, maybe the head really makes all the difference in the world?

        I will definitely attempt this dish again...or heck, just go order at the Gorbals!

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          Don't give up. Keep on and reporting. Mmmm, crispy fatty skin. On a glazed sugar donut.