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Jul 16, 2011 08:06 AM

Sushi Palace now in Somerville

Somerville has its fair share of sushi places. Imho, Shumi stands head and shoulders above the others but it's worth noting that Sushi Palace recently opened a branch in town. It's in the space previously occupied by Bank 34 (and before that, Madame S).

I've seen some decent comments about the other Sushi Palace locations in New Jersey so I'll probably give it a try.

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  1. I know they buy good fish. A little worried about a sushi buffet. Huh did not know they are a chain.

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      I have friends who work in Edison Township and they had mentioned a Sushi Palace there. After seeing the one in Somerville I checked on-line and discovered that there is also one in (or near) Princeton.

      I guess if three restaurants make a chain then Sushi Palace is a chain! LOL

      I'm not sure they offer a buffet as such but they do promote an all you can eat option.

    2. Sushi Palace for lunch today with two colleagues. It's not bad at all. It's not Shumi but about as good (or bad depending on your standards) as several other Sushi places in the Bridgewater area (e.g. Sushi House at Prince Rogers Ave., Yamatoro in Bedminster), and perhaps not as good as a few others (Kiku in Bedminster, Aikou in Flemington). They have what looked like a fairly extensive menu, but we ordered off the "all you can eat" menu instead. The server gives you a paper menu and pen to write in the number you want of each item listed. They provide a decent selection - - choose from 4 salads, 3 soups, perhaps 10 appetizers, perhaps 10 tempuras, a couple of chicken dishes, perhaps 20 - 30 sushi/sashimi selections and perhaps 20 - 25 different rolls, many of which would be considered the more expensive "specialty rolls" at other places. The three of us shared eight rolls, all of which were very good, miso soup (ok), chicken teryaki (drowned in teriyaki sauce), various salads (seaweed salad good; house salad not so good (iceberg lettuce w/ginger dressing) and the bill was $22 each before tip. The restaurant seemed to be doing a good business, it was at least half filled at lunch. Service was a little brusque, but not rude. To clarify in response to Spaetle75's post, it is not a sushi buffet. Everything we ordered was made to order (we could see the chefs preparing our rolls to order which then came out attactively arranged on a large platter).