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Jul 16, 2011 07:35 AM

New (?) Filipino Restaurant in Somerville

Earlier this week I had lunch at Origin Thai in Somerville. For some reason I crossed the street before walking up Division Street to the town center. Just a hundred feet or so up Division I came upon Pinoy Goods, a Filipino restaurant/grocery store that I didn't know existed.

I went in, talked briefly to the owner and looked at the menu. I am not at all familiar with Filipino cuisine but it looked intriguing and I'll definitely try it for lunch on my next trip to Somerville. I'm wondering if anyone has tried Pinoy Goods and what their impressions were.

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  1. Have not tried it. There is a good one over in raritan by 202 by the mexican restaurant. And when I mean good everthing looks appetizing. I have not tried their food.

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    1. i have tried this restaurant. I particularly love the tuna belly. It is charcoal-grilled served with vinegar-based chili sauce and white rice. Yum! They also have noodle soup and grilled squid. I like this place alot.