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Mar 13, 2006 09:00 PM

baby shower catering ideas

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any recs on well priced menus for 50. Italian or mexican will work

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  1. i guess catering means ordering it and taking the food somewhere, like your home, but if you are open to going somewhere, we did a baby shower brunch in the upstairs room at la terza. they will work with you for the menu, etc. and it gave us a lot of room and privacy to set up the tables the way we wanted, and also be a little overly giggly loud.


    1. If you're looking for catering services...

      Julienne's in Pasadena. They're open for breakfast and lunch, but they specialize in catering services. Their catering menu is extensive, and I often wish I could order take-out! From salads to seafood and poultry, and of course, desserts - they're great with it.

      Greenstreet Restaurant in Pasadena also has a good catering service. They give enormous portions. I highly highly recommend the Cornucopia Salad. It's one of my favorite salad, and I can't seem to order anything else when I go.