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Jul 16, 2011 06:59 AM

Meet 27 - Baltimore

I had dinner at Meet 27 on 27th Street in Remington and was impressed. The menu lean towards Indian and east asian in a nontraditional way. We had a salmon tartar appetizer and the paneer chile and vindaloo pork entrees. The salmon came with sweet potato chips and was good, but did not stand out. The chile was sort of Tai style, sweeter than I usually like but excellent. The vindaloo was spicy hot with cinnamin, bay leaf and indian spices seved with rice and vegatables; also execellent. Somebody in their kicthen knows what they are doing. I think the restaurent is gluten free and they seem to take pride in accomadating a variety dietary restrictions. I look forward to returning to try their other dishes.

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  1. Wow! The menu looks really good. I look forward to trying it.

    1. I had the pork vindaloo too, which was good, and came with perfectly cooked vegetables. But the standout was my friend's peppercorn beef-- I'll go back for that. Just ignore the server's warning that these two dishes are very hot: they are just moderate. A good and friendly place to return to.

      1. We went to Meet 27 on Saturday night and enjoyed the chicken satay and fried vegetable appetizers- followed by the two salads on the menu- both dressed with a lovely, light vinagrette. We also had the pork vindaloo (which I have deemed the spicy/hottest meal I've ever had in a restaurant) and the lamb. Perhaps the night that crowsonguy was there, they went light on the pepper, because my experience was HOT HOT HOT. FYI - they use a lot of cilantro in their recipes and do not list in the menu- one in our party has a particular dislike of cilantro and was disappointed he wasn't informed before ordering. Overall, it was a great meal and the atmosphere was lovely, quiet and inviting. It's BYOB and very friendly. We'll be going back soon.

        1. Visited again this week. Everything was excellent. The empanadas really stood out. I think they were made with corn meal and spinach with a mango relish and spiced in an indian style. For entrees we had the peppercorn beef and lamb chops. The beef was much like I would make myself and the lamb chops were cooked perfectly with a coriender sauce and a sweet sauce, maybe tamerind. Both entrees came with great mashed potatoes and perfectly cooked vegatables. Sweet potatoe fries were also excellent served with a spicy ramulade(?). This is a really nice space with friendly helpful staff. I highly recommend this place.

          By they way; had cupcakes next door for desert. I did not know glutem free could be so good.

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