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Jul 15, 2011 10:52 PM

Penang - Brunch at Seng Thor Coffeeshop

Return visit! Seng Thor is a fantastic spot to try a selection of Penang hawker fare. Brunch was with fellow Hound, penang_rojak, and his Japanese wife, plus children & their spouses who're visiting Penang from Hokkaido. BTW, Penang's celebrating its annual Bon Odori festival this evening, when the Japanese community turns up at the Esplanade for street dances & fireworks.

Anyway, back to Seng Thor, we tried:
- Lor bak, prepared & served a la minute, hot & crisp - juicy meat rolls, crisp prawn fritters, sweet Taiwanese sausages, fried tofu & fish fillets. The gooey, brown dipping sauce was delish, and the sweet-ultra-spicy chilli sauce provided the requisite heat;
- Koay teow thng: flat rice noodles in a tasty pork broth, with generous servings of minced pork, bouncy fishballs, pig's liver & intestines, pork slivers, and crisp-brown pork lardons. This is definitely one of the best on Penang island!;
- Hokkien mee: a mix of yellow Hokkien egg noodles & thin rice noodles (bee hoon) served in a sweet-salty-spicy broth made from hours of boiling pork bones, dried shrimps, rock sugar & a variety of spices (chilli being top-most of them all);
- Lor mee: also a blend of yellow noodles & bee hoon, but served in a thick, gluey brown sauce with strands of egg-white. The dish contained pork, pigskin, beansprouts, hard-boiled egg & topped with crisp brown shallots.

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