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Jul 15, 2011 10:46 PM

Figs, Always a Problem for Us...

My daughter (13) is intrigued with fresh figs. We buy them but she doesn't like how they taste raw (but likes fig jam). I know there are creative & delicious ways to prepare them and I always intend to make something fabulous, but they decline to a sad state before I get around to it.

What are your favorite preparations for fresh figs?

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  1. Broiled figs with melted butter are good. Sometimes I sautee some with shiitake mushrooms and make a sauce with a splash of sake and a bit of soy sauce, finished with cream, goes well with chicken.

    1. Fresh figs, split open on the top, stuffed with brie and wrapped in proscuitto. Bake in then oven until brie is oozing out of the fig. Heaven :)

      1. Last week I picked up 2 lb of them, but finished them off (raw) before I could actually use them. Guess I'm on the other side of the fence.

        Anyway, things I meant to try with them:
        Sliced in half for a salad with a berry vinaigrette and cheese
        With some cheese for a free form ravioli
        The sweet component to a braise (pork shoulder)
        Halved and grill with a brushing of teriyaki
        Part of an aioli for a turkey sandwich

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          Forgot to say: You can always be cheap and deep fry 'em. Say, fritters with a coconut flake batter. Adding a bit of sugar and chili to complement the subtle fig would be good.

        2. Figs show up here only for a short time during the summer growing season and they are not cheap. But grilled or caramelized or fresh or wrapped with salty prosciutto, they are a revelation. Figs make gorgeous desserts, sides to grilled meats and even appetizers. They are amazing with creme fraise, brie, goat cheese or Gorgonzola cheese. Prosciutto was made with them (it's that sweet/salty thing).

          I had my own recent exploration with them. Wound up making a fig jam for crostini.with creme fraise and prosciutto. If you are interested, more about it here.

          1. I just cut them in half, drizzle with a little honey, roast them, and serve with vanilla ice cream.