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Jul 15, 2011 09:58 PM

Help Chowsters....

Taking the fam to visit Duluth to celebrate the arrival of my new niece! I dont expect the sleep deprived new parents to be, shall we say, in the entertaining mood : ) In need of some places within say a 20-30min drive. We will be with two teens, and welcome all suggestions..bfast, lunch, or dinner. Not picky, just a good ol fashioned foodie family. Thanks Chowsters...

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  1. If you are in Duluth, you have quite a few options for ethnic eats. East Pearl for Dim Sum. Ming's BBQ for Cantonese style bbq. There are several Korean BBQ places. There's Super H on Pleasant Hill if you want to just bum around the market and eat in the food court.

    East Pearl
    1810 Liddell Ln
    Duluth, GA 30098

    Ming's BBQ
    2131 Pleasant Hill Rd
    Duluth, GA 30096

    Super H
    2550 Pleasant Hill Rd
    Duluth, GA 30096

    1. Appreciate ur efforts, but is there more than Korean BBQ? Mings had a nice ring to it until i saw this little tidbit.....EGAD MAN!!!

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        :) I remember that story. That location is a bit of a whole in the wall and in a run down plaza. The location in Duluth is actually quite nice. Not that it excuses whatever was going on in that story. Any type of cuisine you are looking for? 30 min drive from Duluth puts you in range for a lot of different options.

      2. Id really like to find something in the way of an upscale diner with late hours, or any good diner for that matter. Anything with a good solid menu, whatever the fare. We'd prefer casual dress, no reservations, no steakhouses and no nat'l chains. If time permits, we want to take the kids for a dog at The Varsity. BTW, are the dogs there really any good, or is it just the scene?

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          Buckhead diner is the best--- very upscale,but stil a diner
          Pig N Chik is an excellent family BBQ place on Peachteee Indust Blvd.
          Gu's Bistro is a new Chinese Szechuan thats the best Chinses Ive ever had.Its gotten popular now and requires a reservation on Fri/sat--located off Buford Highway in Doraville about 20 minutes from dultuh.For beakfast any Paneras or Einsteins serve a good breakfast. j Christoher is a aliittle better.have fun while your here BTW the teenagers will love the Aquarium or Stone Mtn laser show as well

          1. re: chownowoncow

            I'll second the Buckhead diner reco. I think the dogs at the Varsity aren't worth it - definitely it's the scene. Atlanta has become a gourmet burger town - you may want to look at Flip Burger Boutique, Farm Burger, Yeah Burger

          2. I recommend the Flying Biscuit, there is one in Norcross, Yum Yum.

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              Thanks Fishbio, i just got done checking out the Flying Biscuit, looks like our kinda place! Very interesting menu, and there's something about the phrase "breakfast all day" that just gives me a warm fuzzy feeling all over! Also, its less than 8mi from my brother's house, which will be perfect. I see the FB has received some pretty high profile press clippings too, im stoked! Btw, i noticed a Dreamland BBQ on the map, which was near by, can u or anyone vouch???Thought maybe some pulled pork takeout on the way back to the house.....thanks again.

              The Flying Biscuit
              1084 Johnson Ferry Rd, Marietta, GA 30068

              1. re: chownowoncow

                FWIW, the original Flying Biscuit is a neighborhood restaurant in Candler Park that's been around for ~20 years. They franchised the "concept" and now Raving Brands has brought a 'Flying Biscuit' to a corner near you. I haven't been to one, but it's the same folks who originated Moe's (bad burritos with clever Seinfeld names) and Shane's Rib Shack (just bad BBQ). I don't have high expectations.

                The Dreamland BBQ is kind of a similar situation- the original shack in Tuscaloosa franchised to B'ham and ATL. Not very good BBQ in my opinion.

                Still a chain, but at least local, is J Christopher's for breakfast/brunch. I haven't been in a while, but I have friends who ritualistically go every time they get together in ATL. And there's always Chick-fil-A if you don't get that at home.

                The original Spiced Right in Lilburn does very good BBQ, and their corn pudding is like dessert. If you're feeling adventurous, the food court at the Super H market is an ethnic adventure. You also aren't that far of a trek to the ethnic wonderland that is Buford Hwy (inside I-285 to just outside I-285). If you don't go do *real* Mexican, there's a Willy's (it's another local chain) in Peachtree Corners that'd be a decent substitute (fresh and tasty, if not authentic).

                1. re: ted

                  True about the Flying Biscuit being a franchise now; however, don't dis it if you haven't tried it. I have been to the original many many times and honestly, the franchised ones I've tried (Norcross and Roswell) are just as good! I notice no difference at all except more comfortable seating which is much more kid friendly.

                  1. re: fishbio444

                    I agree with fishbio444 - I'd take Flying Biscuit food over J. Christopher's any day! IMO J. Christopher's overcooks all their eggs, which is a pretty key part of breakfast. And Flying Biscuit does a decent dinner too - I like the chicken and DH gets pancakes, so everyone is happy.

                    1. re: jboeke

                      I've made a note to self to go try it. There's one over on Roswell Rd. Duluth isn't my neck of the woods, but surely there are some genuinely local options.

                    2. re: fishbio444

                      Just goes to show everyone's tastes and experience is different. I've been to Flying Biscuit several times and I prefer J Christophers. To be honest, in Roswell, I prefer Thumbs Up Diner, but that's not too close to Duluth.

                      To the original poster, if I'm in Duluth and looking for breakfast options in Duluth, I'd do dim sum at East Pearl. If it's lunch time or dinner time, I really like Spiced Right. I regularly got BBQ from the Roswell location until the storm a couple months ago damaged their building. Their brisket is awesome as well as their fried okra. You can really taste the smoke in their meats. I would avoid Dreamland. Tough meats, overly tangy bbq sauce. And IMO, Varsity is overrated. For nice dinner, 30 minutes away puts in reach for a lot of different places. I know you said no steak houses, but Pampas isn't too far away and they are Argentinian style as opposed to the typical places.

                      The Flying Biscuit
                      1084 Johnson Ferry Rd, Marietta, GA 30068

                      Thumbs Up Diner
                      826 Marietta St NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

              2. Well Chowsters, i took some of ur advice when we went see my beautiful new niece....Circumstances as they were, we had to do Flying Biscuit as take-out. It was still excellent and our very large order was nicely and neatly ready just as we arrived, every single thing accounted for. I am no grit afficionado, so take this FWIW, but best grits ive ever had!! Could eat a mop bucket of em, outrageously different and delicious. Collard greens top notch also. Would like to have eaten in, but very impressed with overall quality for value. Ive had $30 brunches that werent as good as their take out. Besides hitting the aquarium and BajaFresh, which was ok for fast food, we didnt have time for much else on our short stay. We did however have pizza and wings from Gordos NY Style Pizza, 2590 Peachtree Ind Blvd, which was better that average. Would definitely get a pie next visit. And oh yea, I got up early on Sun. w/my oldest daughter and scalped 2tix at Atl Ath Club to the PGA championship for.......wait for it...........$10 a piece!!! Party tent tix! It was a great day and an awesome visit. Really wanted to squeeze Gu's Bistro in, i was gettin a gourmalicious vibe there, but it'll hafta be our next trip to your fair city. Thanks again Chowsters!

                Flying Biscuit Cafe
                5270 Peachtree Pkwy NW, Atlanta, GA 30303

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                1. re: chownowoncow

                  nice note---your welcome.We now have 5 gransons under 7--take lots ofpics and video, they chang like evry week the first 6 months--we use to share pics with folks,and great hard cover books of pics fairly cheap

                  1. re: bobstripower

                    Thanks Bob, a friend of mine just mentioned to me also, gonna check that out and pass it along to my brother too, sounds cool.