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Jul 15, 2011 08:06 PM

Emile Henry 50% off at Dillards

The title says it all, I was at the local Dillards department store tonight and all their Emile Henry bakeware and serving pieces were on a clearance rack at 50% off. Picked up one of the really nice pie plates myself.

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  1. Try it and write a review for us later.

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    1. re: Chemicalkinetics

      I'm not the pie baker at our house, I'm the pie eater, but I'll gladly tell you how good it tastes ;) My wife uses my mother's pie curst recipe and I"m here to tell you, you can't buy a pie this good anywhere.

      1. re: mikie

        :) Let's see if there is an improvement to the already good pie then

    2. Thanks for posting that, but the sale isn't online. No access to Dillards. I wanted their salt pig.

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      1. re: blondelle

        And the salt pigs are on sale, the local store had several in a couple of different colors. I was also looking on line and they no longer list Emile Henry, so they must have dropped it. One of the larger stores had Mauviel cookware, and I don't see that on line either, I've got to get there to see if they are closing that out as well.