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Jul 15, 2011 06:47 PM

Girarrosto Fiorentino or Al Vero Girarrosto Toscano

In Rome in the Via Veneto area there are two famous Tuscan restaurants, Girarrosto Fiorentino and Al Vero Girarrosto Toscano.

Which one would you recommend, which one is considered better?

Girarrosto Fiorentino
Via Sicilia, 46, Rome, Lazio 00187, IT

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  1. Both are well past their prime. I ate at GFiorentino two years ago b/c it was open at an early hour for lunch. Tired and musty and I would not recommend it. GT has been ensconced off the top of Via Veneto for many, many years, downstairs in a basement. GT is never ever noted in US tourist guides - which are aimed at appeasing those in Rome for short term stays at the Westin/Marriot on the VV. That absence is, in itself, is a critcism and dismissal.

    Far better options elsewhere for you.

    1. Neither. Girarrosto Toscano was the famous one, but not since the 'seventies. What kind of place are you looking for? Something in the area? Or something Tuscan?

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          Papa Bacchus is around the corner from the Westin, with a laser like focus on Tuscan beef.

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            I prefer a third one with a similar name: "Dal Toscano" in via Germanico, close to Ottaviano metro station and St Peter.
            Pici, entrecote (huge!) and Tuscan beans are my favourites!
            I've also seen many Tuscan celebrities (including the Great Fellini) eating there, if this information can be relevant. Note that service can be rude and it's not easy to find a seat, especially outside.

            Dal Toscano
            Via Germanico 58,, Rome, Lazio 00192, IT

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              IL CIAK in Trastevere is open during August.

              Anyone who has been there, any comments, opinions?

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                See this report (google translate is helpful) that indicates Il Ciak has changed managment and gone downhill

                hopefully the Rome regulars can add comment

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                  Thanks for the reply.

                  Are there any really good restaurants offering good Tuscan cuisine in Rome?
                  Where can i get the best bistecca alla fiorentina in Rome?