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Jul 15, 2011 06:37 PM

Ancora Pizza

Was all excited to try this tonight.

Called up to put in order and it was explained (politely) that they do not operate that way. I was told that they do not do to go orders. I was told that I should come in anyhow that it is awesome. I politely said "you cannot do a take out at a pizza place?" i was corrected and was told that they are an authentic italian pizzeria. ok, fine, that is great but why in the good lord's name would you not do carry out orders? to hold true to an italian pizzeria? whatever....

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  1. They aren't set up for volume, oven's not big enough and they are hand turned.

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      1. re: CharlieH

        If you know that this is one of Adolfo Garcia's places, you'll know why they don't care to do take-out. It's not meant to be Domino's or Papa John's. Adolfo's places are about sitting down and enjoying a good meal as it was intended to be eaten. That's why he doesn't really care for your opinion (just take a look at the bottom of RioMar's menu). A lot of people are offended by it but the masses aren't really what he's looking to feed. I don't say any of this to be rude, it's simply an explanation of how he works. Basically, if you get what he's doing, you get it. If not, he'll be the first to tell you to go eat somewhere else. With 5 successful restaurants under his belt (6 if you count the now-closed Criollo), he must be doing something right by doing it his way.

        1. re: missmable

          anyone know if they are planning on getting certified by the VPN (official Neapolitan pizza assoc)? they still aren't listed:

          ...being cetified means they use the proper recipes, oven & technique, amd ingredients. I've been to some that are (one in MN!) and it was fantastically good. just how I remember them in Italy.

          1. re: kibbles

            It sounds like they are based on Brett Anderson's article back in April:

            "The oven was the first step in being able to satisfy the certification requirements of the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, an international trade group Garcia said “was organized by people who want to eat and make pizza like it’s made in Naples.”

            1. re: missmable

              Interesting. wonder why they aren't listed on the VPN membership. I'll have to call and inquire.

          2. re: missmable

            getting take out pizza has nothing to do with being domino's or papa john's. sorry.

            1. re: mcegielski

              true, Domenica has a carry-out business for its pizza. but then again they do have a full menu so not everyone is ordered wood-oven pizzas...who knows.

          3. re: CharlieH

            By the way, Ancora is absolutely delicious. If you were to take the pizza's home and only try them hot from the microwave, that'd be an absolute shame.

            1. re: missmable

              I happen to adore leftover pizza. So I order an extra pizza when dining at Ancora and take the damn thing home. Just finished my pizza marinara leftovers (from the weekend) last night.

              1. re: Hungry Celeste

                I thought it was good, but not quite as good as Domenica on the pizza front. The bruschetta and chacuterie were amazing and very reasonably priced. Overall, I thought it was a nice addition to the neighborhood. And, there would be no way to service to go orders with the one oven they have. Everything they make comes out of the oven so if it got busy and they had four or five pizzas in the oven, the kitchen would crash.

                123 Baronne Street, New Orleans, LA 70112

                1. re: Hungry Celeste

                  I love leftover pizza too but my point is, you can't only have tried it as takeout or as leftovers. If you're trying something for the first time, go sit down and try it. Then eat the leftovers (as soon as you get home, if you're me).

                2. re: missmable

         get pizza to go and then eat it when i get home.