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Jul 15, 2011 05:12 PM

rt 27 changes

For anyone who relies on the Somerset-Edison Rt 27 corridor like me, there are some recent restaurant changes I've noticed:

NoodleLicious near the corner of Plainfield Ave, grand opening. Chinese noodle soups. I had the beef noodle soup today, pretty good. The choy was fresher than you normally get, they were bright green instead of olive drab.

China Wok across the street from Sam Ash: Normally a standard chinese-american place, they added 5 authentic dishes on a special menu. I'll be trying the pork chop soon.

Le Vant - sort of new - mediterranean, right next to NoodleLicious, haven't been yet.

The little vietnamese grocery with the toasted banh mi is closed (was next to Igloo Tea House).

Shawarma Express: new place in Highland Park outside the supermarket, used to be a pizza place I think.

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  1. Chuck98, thanks for the update. I imagine there have been even more changes along the stretch of Route 27 that lies south of Somerset.

    By any chance, have you been to Tete, the Peruvian place that moved from New Brunswick to Highland Park?

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    1. re: ambrose

      I went there a year or so ago, it was pretty good. It seemed more "fusion" peruvian than the places like El Tumi or Inca Grill. Worth going back.

      El Tumi
      559 Bound Brook Rd, Middlesex, NJ 08846

    2. Anyone know if is China Bowl going to reopen somewhere in this area?

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        I believe it's the place across from Lou Rose, which is currently being renovated. There was some permit holdup, I think.

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          They have a Facebook page, but no news on it since mid-May.

          I hope they open soon.

        2. I haven't been there myself, but a couple friends went to Shawarma Express last week and told me that the falafel was great.

          I noticed another route 27 change - there's an Italian Bistro opening where Zeina was, at the corner of 27 and 5th avenue in Highland Park.

          1. Went to Noodlelicious last Friday before Hurricane shopping at Hmart. What a great little place!! Big bowl of Beef Noodle with at least 4 big pieces of slow cooked beef - $7.50. Also tried the the pork intestine and beef stomach, I loved them but I understand they are not for everyone :)

            1. New Kingston in Somerset (jamaican) seems to be closed, I tried a couple of times.

              Badasori, between Highland Park and Edison (was korean/sushi, and where I had a very memorable live fish sashimi) is now Woori Doori, a sort of korean fusion place. The menu is kind of funny - looks like the chef was given a list of random ingredients and a weekend to come up with a plan. Sometimes fusion places are like that.

              Valerie's Deli in South Brunswick (eastern european) now closed. The food was pretty good but the waitress had time management issues. Last time I was there she was frazzled and kept apologizing because things were crazy. There were 2 couples quietly sitting there plus us; I'd hate to see her on a busy day. I stole the chicken paprikash recipe and will make it this week in remembrance.

              China Wok pork chop was good - it came with unexpectedly good sides (some random green veg, some chopped black pork? and a tea egg, I think).