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Jul 15, 2011 04:38 PM

NYC taco trucks

I’m going to be blogging about NYC tacos and I’d like to include a few taco trucks in the mix. Anyone have any tips?

So far these have been recommended:
-Red hook ball fields
-Tacos Morelos
-Tacos El Bronco

Also..thoughts on these taquerias?
Dos Toros Taqueria
Tacos Mix
Tacos Matormoros
Taqueria Coatzingo
NIxtamal Tortilleria
Los Hermanos
Tacos Santana Tehuitzingo in Hell's Kitchen
Tacos Zaragoza in the East Village
Tacos El Idolo by West 4th

I have about a week in NY so i figure around 5 taquerias and a couple nights of taco trucking.

any other taco recs would be greatly appreciated.

Red Hook Recreation Center soccer fields
155 Bay St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

Taqueria Coatzingo
76-05 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11372

Tortilleria Mexicana Tres Hermanos
271 Starr St, Brooklyn, NY 11237

Tacos Matamoros
4508 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11220

Taqueria Coatzingo
40-18 82nd St, Queens, NY 11373

Tortilleria Nixtamal
104-05 47th Ave, Queens, NY 11368

Tacos Matamoros
5717 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11220

Tacos El Bronco
5th Ave 43rd St, Brooklyn, NY 11232

Tacos Morelos
N 7th St and Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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  1. There are many taco threads on this board already. My vote goes for the Cuatro Vientos truck in Woodside, Queens. Great for lengua and carnitas, nighttime only.

    The general opinion on this board seems to be that Nixtamal has gone downhill. However, I have yet to have a bad experience there, so I'll say you should go. And anyway, no tour of NYC tacos could claim to be complete without it. Excellent al pastor.

    Los Cuatro Vientos
    Roosevelt Ave and 65th St, Queens, NY 11377

    1. I wouldn't say Coatzingo has the best tacos. They are def an "accepted" place for a chowhounder to go though. Kind of like Nixtamal is a safe place for a manhattanite to slum it in corona. I do love Cuatro Vientos in woodside. Some of my other favs are tacqueria Jazz on 82nd street/roosevelt and El Globo in Corona (Nixtamal is very good, but el globo feels more like I'm not in NYC). You def have to walk down roosevelt ave, starting at 74th street. the further east you go, the better.

      El Globo
      42-13 102nd St, Queens, NY 11368

      Taqueria Jazz
      82-02 82nd St, Queens, NY 11372

      1. Never found tacos to be excited for at the Red Hook ballfields. The better option are the huaraches there, or pupusas.
        Dos Toros is a gringo burrito joint with similar offerings that you'll find at Chipotle and the likes. Don't go expecting actual Mexican food.
        I like Taco Mix (might be the best tacos in Manhattan), but haven't been there in a while.
        Nixtamal is a bit hit-or-miss. I usually go to buy tortillas or tamales there.
        El Idolo has about 3 trucks around town, and none of them are very good IMO. Tried the one in Corona and the one on W4th.
        Taqueria Coatzingo is solid. It's a full service Poblano restaurant serving some good tacos. I think they excel with the al pastor (real spit roasted), lengua, birria de res, cabeza and buche. Other offerings are not quite up to the level of these.
        One more recommendation for Cuatro Vientos in Woodside. Some of the best carnitas and suadero around.

        Also recommended:
        Gallo Giro cart in front of Roosevelt Station (Jackson Heights). The best carne asada I've had in NYC. Really good lengua as well.
        Sabrosa Quesadillas y Mas (or something like that) on Roosevelt/75th in front of the Chase bank. Quesadillas are very good, but their carnitas are some of the best around.
        Also pretty strong on the tacos is the cart under the LIRR tracks at Woodside station.
        Not a truck, but El Cilantro in Elmhurst (on Broadway) is one of the few places that i've found tacos de guisados.
        Also in Elmhurst in the evenings is a taco truck called El Picosito. Good tacos and antojitos.
        Tia Julia truck in Corona (Roosevelt/91st), but not for tacos. They're best items are the cemitas. Better than anything I've had in LA so far.
        Tacos Guichos cart (don't think it's called that anymore though) on Roosevelt/83rd is also pretty solid, but goes really downhill when it's crowded as they can't handle the volume.

        Taqueria Coatzingo
        76-05 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11372

        Tia Julia
        91st St and Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11372

        El Cilantro
        81-16 Broadway, Queens, NY 11373

        Tacos Guicho
        Roosevelt Ave and 84th St, Queens, NY 11373

        El Picosito
        82-77 Broadway, Queens, NY 11373

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        1. re: E Eto

          yeah i think i'll skip red hook

          great recs..thanks everyone.

          what is your opinion of some of the upscale taco joints like mercadito, empelon, toloache?

        2. Can't really help you with manhattan, but for the outer boroughs I would suggest dedicating one--or more--visits for tacos in queens (JH, Woodside, Elmhurst etc, people have given you some great recs) and one visit for tacos in sunset park, brooklyn. This is where the el bronco truck is.
          I'm sure there are also some good tacos in the bronx and staten island, but I don't know where they are.

          Tacos El Bronco
          5th Ave 43rd St, Brooklyn, NY 11232

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          1. re: missmasala

            There's a ton of taquerias (of the brick & mortar variety) along Victory Blvd. in Tompkinsville SI. Not sure if there are also trucks working in the area, though.

            1. re: missmasala

              cool thanks...are these trucks mostly just out at night?

            2. There's a growing Central American community in Mott Haven, in the Bronx, including many Mexican businesses (though no trucks, not that I've seen). El Atoradero (800 East 149th St.; 718-292-7949), a grocery that also serves cooked food on weekend mornings through early afternoon, makes fine carnitas. I had a picadita, but that was just personal preference on a given occasion.

              If you visit Mott Haven early on a weekend, you might also pop south to East 116th St. in Manhattan; between Second and Lexington avenues there's a scattering of Mexican street carts on weekends, in addition to the taco counters open to the sidewalk. This stretch is probably not worth your time, however, unless you're also stopping by Mott Haven.

              I've noted the same brick-and-mortar taquerias in Staten Island that City Spoonful has mentioned, never trucks. Some may be good, but that's a long haul to find out.

              On Roosevelt Ave. in Queens, to the east of the venues already mentioned, twice now I've seen a cart on the small triangular plaza at 99th St., within eyeshot of the El Bohio raspado window that Jeffsayyes has often mentioned, on other threads. Fifteen to twenty customers were crowded around the cart on each occasion, at times when carts and trucks I'd just passed, to the west, were much less busy. Might try it myself today.

              El Atoradero
              800 E 149th St, Bronx, NY 10455