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Jul 15, 2011 04:13 PM

2 Days 2 People 2 Hoagies 2 Cheese Steaks.. Where to go?

My Son (14 y/o ) and I are visiting from Los Angeles. We would like to share 2 Hoagies and 2 Cheese Steaks during our 2 and half day visit to Philadelphia (August 22nd - 24th ). Staying in Center City and have car or transit. Where should we go to experience the Best Of Philadelphia??

Thanks in advance for your recs!

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  1. Obviously check out the Reading terminal market as many will soon recommend. But here are a few my personal favorite sandwiches outside the RTM:

    Old Original Nick's Roast Beef (20th/Jackson only)
    John's Roast Pork for a cheesesteak
    Sarcone's for a hoagie

    1. All Snick's choices are perfect. Here are a few more.
      Cosmi's for hoagie.
      Chink's or Steve's for cheesesteak, downside, they are both north of CC, others are easier to get to.

      1. I agree with both Snick and the cheese monger's recs. I'd go to Cosmi's (a little more old school IMHO) or Sarcone's for the hoagie and either John's Roast Pork or George's at 9th and Christian for the cheesesteak