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Jul 15, 2011 03:50 PM

El Patron at Knollwood Mall - any info?

Driving on Hwy 7 yesterday, I noticed that there was a new sign up where El Gordo was that now says El Patron. Anybody know if it is open or if has any relation to El Gordo (which was awful) - is it really a new restaurant in that spot or just a new name?

El Gordo
8140 Highway 7, Minneapolis, MN 55426

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  1. Hey WonderDog...we live in Hopkins and last week got coups in the mail for El Patron that are also good for El Loro, El Toro, and El Azteca (Spanish for The Azteca).

    My powerful deduction skills lead me to conclude that The Patron is affiliated with those other restaurants.

    Of those, I have only been to El Azteca before. And from what I remember, that place is a SOLID Tex-Mex joint in Plymouth. So hopefully this is a nice upgrade from El Gordo!

    El Loro
    2501 Horizon Dr, Burnsville, MN 55337

    , Minneapolis, MN 55401

    El Gordo
    8140 Highway 7, Minneapolis, MN 55426

    El Toro
    4109 Lakeland Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55422