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Jul 15, 2011 03:11 PM

Shake Shack Westport to open next Wednesday!!!

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  1. No line at lunchtime, so I was the heroine of my DH's office when I showed up with a bag full of ShackBurgers-even had 1 myself(and a chocolate shake). Pleasantly surprised to find burgers that were quite pink in the middle- juicy without being overly greasy, and tasty. I will definitely try the Shack Stack next time- which is basically a burger topped with a cheese-stuffed and fried portabella mushroom cap- the one I saw looked delicious! Shakes were expensive ($5) for the size (maybe 12-14 oz), but so thick and delicious I didn't feel robbed. Still haven't tried the fries. 6 burgers and a shake was $36, so those looking to compare with "normal" burger places like McD's and BK, will, no doubt, rail about the price difference, but the product isn't even from the same planet.

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      Agreed. The price different isn't huge. I mean shakes are $5.50 I think...but shakes are 5.25 at the sherwood diner in westport, for much lower quality. I don't mind high prices as long as the food is good.

      To be honest though, shake shack's hot dogs are better than their burgers, IMO.

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        Place looks awesome, check out the pics:

        DEfinitely plan on going tomorrow...hopefully the heat scares some of the crowd away so I don't have to wait!

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          Pure heaven. Was there tonight (braved the crowds) and was surprised at how quickly and orderly the whole process was; especially for all the people that were there. Some high up exec was there talking to people and answering questions and was super friendly and talked about the history of the company and such.....we got free custard while we waited in line from a super-sweet worker (it was awesome). So the big moment arrived, would it compare to the original in the city and it sure did! Actually this one was even more juicy and tasty (they cooked it slightly under-which I really like). So great to have one closer. The best burger. Hands down. Nothing else compares to the taste.

    2. Went there for lunch today. Excellent!!! I've been to the original Shake Shack in Madison Park (NYC) and the one at CitiField and they are all excellent and this one was just as good as the others. Had a burger, fries, and diet soda. Burger was juicy, flavorful, slightly pink- on a soft brioche roll with Shake sauce and lettuce. Delicious. Fries were fine but nothing special. It was $20 for 2 burgers, 2 fries and 2 cokes. I think the price is pretty reasonable for the quality of food you get. Not sure how you can even compare to McDonalds or Burger King. I won't eat hamburgers from those chains anymore. Shake Shack is to Five Guys - as Five Guys is to McDonalds.

      1. Went back yesterday for lunch. While more crowded than last week, very efficient and friendly service had us waiting for only a few minutes. Had a 'Shroom burger(just the 'shroom, not the stack with the reg burger), fries and creamsicle- YUM. Not sure if its a good or bad thing that they weren't open during Lent, when I went Ovo-Lacto Veg for the duration, because I probably would have been there a minimum of 3X a week for the 'shroom burger. Fries were fine, fresh and crispy, but nothing spectacular. Creamsicle (and the Purple Cow my DC had) were delicious.

        1. My hubby and I wanted to try out the new Shake Shack and decided to go on Saturday, 8/6 around 5 PM to try to beat the crowds. A flag-waving parking lot attendant guided us to our parking space in the back of the lot and we chuckled as we walked by the neighbor at the rear of the property - Pinnacle Health and Fitness. How convenient...

          The line was long and moved at a moderate speed. There were only two windows open for order taking and a server moved through the line handing out menus to speed up the ordering process. It took about ten minutes to get to the window, place our order, get our pager and find a table for two in the dining room.

          The twenty minute wait for our order gave us time to check out the decor. The dining room is good size, seating about 100 inside and another 20 outside. The stamped concrete floor, burgundy colored paint and accents of old barnwood on the walls make for a nice ambiance. There are three flat screen TV's, showing golf and the Yankees getting their butts kicked by the Red Sox. The CT Post article said that Shake Shack, Westport, would have a 60- member workforce. I think they were all in the kitchen - looking hot and harried- and not getting the orders out quickly or correctly.

          Our selections were:
          One single cheeseburger which was small but tasty, according to my husband. The french fries are crinkle cut and fried in '100% free of artificial trans-fat oil,' yielding 25% less fat. Now, I must tell you that just the sight of a crinkle cut fry conjures up memories of the frozen fries you can buy at the grocery store. Shake Shack's crinklers were well cooked and tasted good but when I am going to spend calories on french fries, I want 'em hand-cut, lusciously fresh looking and mmm, mmm good. The 'Mr.' also ordered a small 'concreation' of frozen vanilla custard with peanut butter sauce. 'Dessert first' seemed his motto, as he took a few tastes of the concrete, then concentrated on his main meal and later declared that once he had eaten the spoonfuls with peanut butter sauce the custard was nothing out of the ordinary. (We're in Westport....why not add some chunks of Paul Newman's peanut butter cups to the mix-ins?)

          I did not fare so well with the Second City Bird Dog aka 'Bird Dog in Shack-cago clothing.' It's a Usinger's smoked chicken and apple bratwurst and the description sounded scrumptious. 'Dragged through the garden with mustard, Rick's Pick Shake Shack relish, onion, cucumber , pickle, tomato, sport pepper and celery salt. The roll and topping were fine, the Bratwurst, not so fine. 'T'was rubbery and could've used a drag over the grill to crisp and heat it through.

          All in all, fair to middlin'.