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Jul 15, 2011 03:02 PM

New Chinese Restaurant opening in Boca - Phillippe's

I have not been to any other of their locations so can't rate it. It's such a dead zone part of E Boca but hopefully they will do well.

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  1. Average cost will be $50 per person and that is on their discounted menu planned for the Boca location. I read in the PB Post that Phillippe is "one of those restaurants that attracts The Beautiful People".

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    1. re: freakerdude

      wow that's an expensive meal! Lucky for me Chinese food is not one of my favorites.

    2. They better do well after spending $5 million on renovations. Jeez. Sounds insane to me, taking over a huge space where another restaurant failed, and others are struggling.

      But hey, what do I know.

      1. went there yesterday for happy hour and the ever irresistable early bird. to start, the happy hour wasnt so happy. they offered some and some specialty drinks half off, otherwise nah. a cointreau on the rocks was $15 and it wasnt much of a pour. the free apps were 2 wimpy chicken satay, orange in color without much flavor. had the spring rolls which came with a candied seaweed which was probably the best thing i tasted . we then had the hand tossed noodles, whcih were awright. we ordered the crispy beef since my wife likes it at uncle tais. it wasnt crispy and it wasnt beefy. it was a few strands of meat in a soggy coating covered with a sweet and sour sauce. also had the string beans which were also wimped out. maybe it just has growing pains[ i hope] but aside from the red leather benches and the fancy wine cellar thingy, see no reason to go there . you cant take a limo to silver pond for the same money and have much better food.

        1. Was there last week. I give this place one season. Had a reservation for 7:30 for a party of 5 on a weekday. Hostess immediately wanted us to wait at bar for table. When we refused were told we had to wait 10 minutes or so because kitchen was backed up. Outregously expensive and pretentious. We ordered a couple of appetizers including chicken satay that had an orange coating that was kind of strange. We shared 3 main dishes and two desertswith no alcohol and bill was over 300 dollars. I rather go to Christine Lee's if looking for upscale Chinese. Won't be back.

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          1. re: bocagal

            Go to happy hour at Vivo Portenza every Wednesday with friend. Asked her if she wanted to try happy hour at Phillipe and she replied that she knows someone who went and said the food was just okay and the service was awful. Also, she drinks Rob Roys and they are not on the happy hour menu there.

            1. re: bocagal

              seriously? $300? how did it add up to that much?

              I am not likely to go not being a fan of Chinese food anyway.

            2. Went to the not so happy hour, and was extremely disappointed. Then once again when my date suggested it so I decided to give it a second chance, it was okay food but terrible for the price.