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Jul 15, 2011 02:48 PM

New to the area...HELP!!?? (Please)

Hello all!
I am in need of help. My guy and I are foodies and we moved to the Pittsburgh area just last week. Thanks to a local friend, we have visited the strip district. Needless to say, I am in love. Now with that said, the strip district is about 30 minutes from here (We are in the North East Suburbs.) I am in need of finding a few local places that are cheap and tasty.
Most often I cook at home, because I can be a bit picky when it comes to food. However, in a new city, and with half of my stuff still in boxes, I am feeling the need to check out the local food scene. Any suggestions are welcomed and appreciated. Particularly in the New Ken, Arnold, Tarentum, Springdale, Lower Burrell, Cheswick areas.
Thanks guys!

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  1. I don't know anything about your area, foodwise, but I can tell you our only Whole Foods is in East Liberty, at 5880 Centre Avenue. There are some decent restaurants in this neighborhood, too, and a Trader Joe's, at 6343 Penn Avenue. I know there are other TJs, but I think this would be the closest to you.

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      Oh awesome. Thanks, I haven't even hadn't even looked to see if there were any in the area having been away from them for a while. I do love Trader Joes.

    2. Probably the closest really good/creative restaurant to you is Notions in Oakmont. Down in Aspinwall/Blawnox you'll find Burgatory, Cornerstone and Mio Pizza.

      You have picked a fairly desolate place to live as far as Chow-worthy food. Although to be fair, could be many of us just don't go out that way until we hear something positive.

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        I have now read some of the reviews for Notions. My guy and I talked about it, and think we need to go there once we have some extra cash. Sounds like a fun evening, even if we may not be sure of what we are eating. Burgatory is a great name. I will try to check out those places here soon. Thanks for the hep.

      2. That area is tough.. I work around New Ken and it is not very chow-friendly. Oakmont has some restaruants and a bakery that is worth a trip. New Ken has some Italian stores, ( small ) that have some home made dough and pastas. Fazio's is my fav, but would not go more than 15 min travel time to get too.

        Honestly Havocsprinkler, most of the restuarants that are worth eating at are near the city... I am sure you will find some smaller GEMS that are not popluar. However, most of us suburbians (might not be a word) must travel to get anything great!!

        There is a little veggie market on freeport road right over the New Ken Bridge goinvg towards chesswick, that is pretty nice.

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          Where we were in FL was about 2 hours from a big city, and we went there on average once a week, so driving 30-45 minutes is no big deal. I was just hoping for a walk-to kind of close place. Oh well. I guess we ill just have to venture outside of the immediate neighborhood.
          I did pass the veggie place yesterday, or the day before perhaps. It looked pretty cool, but was running short on time, so I had to put if off till another day. Hopefully today will be that day.
          Thanks for all the help. I knew I could count on chowville to come to my rescue.

          1. re: Augie6

            there's good places outside of pittsburgh too... but you have to drive farther to get to 'em. ;-) Suburbs are, as usual, rather cookiecutter.

          2. If you don't mind traveling a little in the other direction, my favorite is the Allegheny Marinier in Kittanning. It won't be the greatest fine dining experience ever, but it's very good and in an absolutly beautiful setting. The building kind of juts out over the Allegheny river in a very wooded area. It's very relaxing to sit at the bar, enjoying the view and watching the occasional fish jump out of the water.