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Jul 15, 2011 02:44 PM


Sorry to be late in posting this, I had a misunderstanding about this month.
Nominations are now open for August! There are many newly published books that look interesting, as well as books that have been nominated in the past. Those include:

Radically Simple
The Olive and the Caper
World Vegetarian
Vefa's Kitchen
Harvest To Heat: Cooking with America's Best Chefs, Farmers, and Artisans
Washuko: Recipes From The Japanese Home Kitchen
The Splendid Table
Jane Grigson's Vegetables

Please nominate your selections ALL IN CAPS. Deadline for nominations is July 20, Wednesday, at 5pm CDST. Here we go!

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    1. re: smtucker

      THE SPLENDID TABLE. It is the only one I already have!

    2. Thanks bayoucook! Here we go again! It never ceases to amaze me how quickly the months pass.

      Here's a link to the historical COTM thread in case folks want to see which books have been covered over the years:

      1. Thanks Bayou. Let the fun begin...!

        1. Thank you, b-cook, for starting the thread. I am spending August with my daughters and their children; not sure that I will have a luxury to cook what I feel like and will abstain from nominating/voting.

          I took Washuko out of the library and loved it; didn't make anything out of it but thought that if I want to try my hand at Japanese cooking, this book would be it.

          Have not cooked from The Olive and the Caper but would love to.

          The Spendid Table waits for me in NYC along with Ms. Gold's book.

          1. When I nominate a book, it seems to be the kiss of death, so I will hold back and hope that someone puts forward a book I can support.

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            1. re: pikawicca

              You and me both, pikawicca. I'm not voting at all this time.

              1. re: pikawicca


                I always look forward to the nominations. You (and others) have introduced me to books that I was unfamiliar with like Radically Simple and The New German Cookbook. And although they were not selected as the COTM, I was glad to learn of them. So selfishly, I hope that you (and others) do not abstain from nominating books. The nomination thread is almost as good as the actual COTM thread

                1. re: pikawicca

                  pika, I think it can take awhile for a book to get traction. Don't get discouraged. Keep nominating and eventually your book will gain momentum! Maybe you're just on the cutting edge of cookbooks and it takes us awhile to catch up to you...