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Jul 15, 2011 02:26 PM

Where to buy Mezcal in DC area? (not bars, bottles/retail0

Anyone have any suggestions on liquor stores in the DC/MD/VA area that stock some premium Mezcals?


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  1. 1 Dupont Circle • Ace Beverage (ask for Joe) • Barmy Wine and Liquor • Cleveland Park Liquors • Connecticut Avenue Liquors • Dickson Wine • Imperial Liquor • JJ Mutts Wine & Spirits • MacArthur Beverages • Paul's Wine & Liquors • Potomac W & S Store • S & R Liquors • Schneider's of Capital Hill • Sherry's Wine & Spirits • Tenley Wine & Liquors • The Wine Specialist •

    1. Sadly, no, but we just came back from an extended vacation in Oaxaca, Mex, so if you do find a place can you please report back??

      1. Schneider's on Capitol Hill has a great selection of premium mezcals... my husband loves the mezcal de maguey - which comes in different single village varieties. They are smokey and delicious. they will run you about $75/bottle. But since you drink them like a scotch it is worth it!